Estimation of CH Bond Lengths Using 2Q Filtered 13C NMR,

X. Zhao, R. Pratima, A. Brinkmann, P. J. E. Verdegem, J. Lugtenburg, and M. H. Levitt,
1st Alpine Conference on Solid-State NMR, Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France (Sep. 1999), poster.

Solid State NMR is one of the few methods capable of extracting accurate molecular structure information from large non-crystallized molecules, such as membrane proteins. Rhodopsin is the molecular photoreceptor responsible for the primary visual response through retinal, the visual chromophore, in vertebrate rode cell. In preparation for solid-state NMR studies of rhodopsin and its photointermediate, we performed 2Q filtered 13C NMR on the model compound, all-E-[11,12-13C2]-retinal to estimate the CH bond lengths of H-C11 and H-C12. The results are also compared with some other methods. The CH bond lengths will be useful for analyzing the results of MQ torsional angle determinations on rhodopsin and its photointermediate.

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