Last Modified: Fri May 13 17:18:40 2016 Note: I am not interested in selling any of my records Wish List Edit
Artist Title Medium Label Year Record No. Comment
13th Floor Elevators, The The Psychedelic Sounds of: The 13th Floor Elevators CD Spalax Music 1994 14819
14 Iced Bears Let the Breeze Open Our Hearts CD Overground Records 1998 OVER 78CD
14 Iced Bears In the Beginning CD Slumberland Records 2001 slr 65cd
14 Iced Bears Inside V-S 7'' Slumberland Records 2001 / 1986 wish 009
18th Dye Crayon CD-4.75'', 6 Cloudland 1993 RAIN 007
18th Dye Done CD-4.75'', 13 Matador Records 1994 OLE 117-2
18th Dye Play w/ You V-7'', 2 Matador Records 1995 OLE 137-7
18th Dye Left CD Extreme Sports Armchair Enthusiast Records 1998 es1032
18th Dye Tribute to a Bus CD Community COM 1002-212-2
18th Dye Amorine Queen CD Crunchy Frog 2008 FROG 060-2
1900 s/t CD St4t 2008 St4t002
1999 Nineteenninetynine 2005
22 Pistepirkko Piano, Rumpu Ja Kukka
2raumwohnung Kommt zusammen CD It Sounds / BMG 2001 it s07
2raumwohnung In Wirklich CD It Sounds 2002 its 16
2raumwohnung Es wird Morgen CD It Sounds 2004 its 34
800 Cherries Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy V-S 7'' Clover Records 1997 #701 Clear vinyl, # 703
800 Cherries Romantico CD March Records 1999 mar 041
A Flock of Seagulls s/t CD Jive 1982 1007-2-J
A Place to Bury Strangers s/t CD Killer Pimp 2007 PIMPK004
Aarktica No Solace in Sleep CD Silber Records 2000 silber 012
Aarktica ... or You Could just Go through Your Life and Be Happy anyway CD Darla Records 2002 DRL 121
Aarktica Pure Tone Audiometry CD Silber Records 2003 silber 026
Aberdeen Homesick and Happy To Be Here CD Tremolo Arm Users Club / Better Looking Records 2002 trmc002
Acid House Kings Sing Along With Acid House Kings CD Twenty Seven Records / Labrador 2005 8 26816 11682 3
Action Time, The Versus the World CD Southern Records 2000 18579-2
Aden Hey 19 CD Teenbeat 2000 Teenbeat 286
Agitation Free 2nd CD Revisited Records 2008 SPV 42792 CD
Agitation Free Malesch CD Revisited Records 2008 SPV 42782 CD
Air Moon Safari CD Source 1998 724384497828 CDV 2848
Aislers Set, The Terrible Things Happen CD Slumberland Records 1998 slr 55
Aislers Set, The Been Hiding V-S 7'' Slumberland Records / 555 Recordings 1999 slr 55 / 55515
Aislers Set, The The Last Match CD Slumberland Records 2000 slr 62
Aislers Set, The Clouds Will Clear V-S 7'' Suicide Squeeze Records 2001 S015
Aislers Set, The The Red Door V-S 7'' Fortuna Pop 2001 fpop 27
Aislers Set, The How I Learned To Write Backwards CD Suicide Squeeze Records 2003 S-025
Alaska in Winter Dance Party in the Balkans CD Milan Records 2008 M2-36350
Album Leaf, The One Day I'll Be On Time CD Tiger Style Records 2001 TS011
Album Leaf, The In a Safe Place CD Subpop 2004 SPCD 640
Album Leaf, The Seal Beach EP CD-EP Better Looking Records 2005 BLR021
Album Leaf, The A Chorus of Storytellers CD Sub Pop 2010 SPCD 805
Alcian Blue s/t CD Elephant Stone 2006 ES1015
All Girl Summer Fun Band s/t CD K 2001 KLP 130
All Girl Summer Fun Band 2 CD K 2003 klp 144 cd
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors Turning Into Small CD Koombia Music 1998 GERN036
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors Straight Blue Line CD Koombia Music 2000 GERN044
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors s/t CD Koombia Music 1996 / 2000 GERN051
All-Time Quarterback s/t CD Barsuk Records 1999 bark26
Almqvist, Andi Red Room Stories CD 2008 rootsy 011
Alsace Lorraine Through Small Windows CD Darla Records 2001 DRL 115
Altered Images Happy Birthday - The Best Of CD Demon Music Group 2007 MCDLX046
Ambulance Ltd s/t CD TVT Records 2004 TV-2630-2
American Analog Set, The Updates CD-S Tiger Style Records 2001 TS-026
American Analog Set, The Promise Of Love CD Tiger Style Records 2003 TS-047
American Analog Set, The Set Free CD Arts & Crafts Productions 2005 A&C013
Amiina Kurr CD Ever Records 2007 EVER11CD
Amiina Puzzle CD aminamusik ehf 2010 AMIINA 5
Ampersand s/t CD Fantastic Records 2000 fan 015
Animal Collective Here Comes the Indian CD Paw Tracks 2003 paw1
Animal Collective Strawberry Jam CD Domino 2007 DNO 156
Annie Anniemal CD Big Beat 2005 62304-2
Another Sunny Day London Weekend CD Cherry Red Records 1992 CDM RED 416
Appelqvist, Hans Naima CD Häpna 2006 H. 31
Apples in Stereo, The The Discovery of a World inside the Moone CD Spinart Records 2000 spart 83
Apples in Stereo, The Velocity of Sound CD spinART Records 2002 SPART 100
Aquadays Electric Songs CD Apricot Records 1999 apricd006
Arcade Fire, The s/t CD-EP Merge Records 2003 MRG 269
Arcade Fire, The Funeral CD Merge Records 2004 MRG 255
Architecture In Helsinki In Case We Die CD Bar/None Records 2005 BRNCD167
Ariel Winks & Kisses: Crackled CD-EP Clairecords 2004 fern 049
Arling & Cameron We Are A&C CD Emeperor Norton Records / [PIAS] Recordings 2001 PIASN 100 CD
Arling & Cameron & Swarte Sound Shopping CD Basta 2000 30-9094-2
Arms and Sleepers Matador CD Fake Chapter 2009 FAKE39
Arrogants, The Nobody's Cool CD-EP Shelflife Records 2002 LIFE 046
Arrogants, The Your Simple Beauty CD Shelflife Records life 013
Asobi Seksu Citrus CD Friendly Fire Recordings 2006 FFR-004
Asobi Seksu s/t CD One Little Indian 2007 TPLP 801 CD
Asobi Seksu Rewolf CD Polyvinyl 2009 PRC-190-2
Asobi Seksu Hush CD Polyvinyl 2009 PRC-170-2
Astrobite Crush CD Clairecords 2001 FERN 012
Astrobite 8 Candy EP CD-EP Sonic Syrup 1993-1997 SS-03
Astropop 3 Eclipsing Binary Star CD Planting Seeds Records 2001 PSRCD-016
Au Revoir Simone Verses Of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation CDr Triple Keyboard Action 2005
Au Revoir Simone The Bird of Music CD Our Secret Record Company 2007
Au Revoir Simone Still Night, Still Light CD Our Secret Record Company 2009 OSRC03
Au Revoir Simone Move in Spectrums CD Instant Records 2013 INS-00001-2
Auburn Lull North Territorial V-EP 7'' Zeal Records 2001 zeal 003
Auburn Lull Alone I Admire CD Darla Records 2002 DRL 122
Auburn Lull Cast from the Platform CD Darla 2003 DRL 148
Auburn Lull Begin Civil Twilight CD Darla Records 2008 DRL 184
Audionom Retrospektiv
Audrey Visible Forms CD A Tenderversion Recording 2006 TVR007
Aurore Rien Telesthesia CD-EP Sun Sea Sky Productions 2001 SSS018
Autocollants, The Why Couldn't Things Just Stay the Same? CD Shelflife Records 1999 life 009
Azure Ray s/t CD WARM 2000 WRM102CD
B. Fleischmann Welcome Tourist 2 CDs Morr Music 2003 Morr Music 041
B. Fleischmann The Humbucking Coil 2006
Babyshambles Shotter's Nation CD Parlophone 2007 508 6202
Bad Cash Quartet Outcast CD Telegram Records Stockholm / Warner Music Sweden 2001 0927-40405-2
Barcelona Simon Basic CD March Records 1999 mar 049
Barcelona ZeRo-oNe-INFINITY CD March Records 2000 mar 066
Barcelona transHUMAN revolution CD pulCec 2001 pulCec 005
Bardot, Brigitte Best of BB CD Mercury / Universal 1996 532 350-2
Bartebees, The Miracles for Sale V-LP 10'' Little Teddy Recordings 1995 BiTe 011
Baxendale You Will Have Your Revenge CD Le Grand Magistery HRH016
Bear Quartet, The Holy Holy CD A West Side Fabrication 1995 WeCD 105
Bear Quartet, The Moby Dick CD A West Side Fabrication 1997 WeCD 141
Bear Quartet, The Gay Icon CD A West Side Fabrication 2001 wecd 185
Bear Quartet, The Ny våg CD A West Side Fabrication 2002 WeCD 198
Beat Happening s/t CD K 1985 KLP 1 Part of ""Crashing Through"" CD box set
Beat Happening Jamboree CD K / Rough Trade 1988 KLP 002 Part of ""Crashing Through"" CD box set
Beat Happening Black Candy CD K 1989 KLP 006 Part of ""Crashing Through"" CD box set
Beat Happening Dreamy CD K / Subpop 1991 KLP 003 Part of ""Crashing Through"" CD box set
Beat Happening You Turn Me on CD K / Subpop 1992 KLP 007 Part of ""Crashing Through"" CD box set
Beat Happening Crashing Through 7 CD box set K 2001 KLP 115
Beat Happening Music to Climb the Apple Tree by CD K 2001 KLP 109 Part of ""Crashing Through"" CD box set
Beatnik Filmstars Phase 3 CD Mobstar Records 1997 mobstar 008cd
Beirut Gulag Orkestar CD Ba Da Bing! 2006 BING048
Belle and Sebastian If Your're Feeling Sinister CD Jeepster Recordings 1996 7243 8 44601 2 9
Belle and Sebastian 3.. 6.. 9.. Seconds of Light CD-EP Jeepster Recordings 1997 JPRCDS 003
Belle and Sebastian Dog on Wheels CD-EP Jeepster Recordings 1997 JPRCDS 001
Belle and Sebastian Lazy Line Painter Jane CD EP Jeepster Recordings 1997 JPR CDS 002
Belle and Sebastian The Boy with the Arab Strap CD Jeepster Recordings 1998 7243 8 46429 2 1
Belle and Sebastian This is just a Modern Rock Song CD EP Jeepster Recordings 1998 JPR CDS 009
Belle and Sebastian Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk like a Peasant CD Jeepster Recordings 2000 JPRCD 010
Belle and Sebastian Legal Man CD-EP Jeepster Recordings 2000 JPRCDS 018
Belle and Sebastian I'm Walking up to Us CD-EP Jeepster Recordings / Matador Records 2001 OLE 511-2
Belle and Sebastian Jonathan David CD-EP Jeepster Recordings / Matador Records 2001 OLE 510-2
Belle and Sebastian Storytelling CD Jeepster Recordings 2002 JPRCD 014
Belle and Sebastian Dear Catastrophe Waitress CD Rough Trade Records 2003 RTRADECD 080
Belle and Sebastian Step into My Office Baby CD-EP Rough Trade Records 2003 RTRADESCD 128
Belle and Sebastian I'm a Cuckoo CD-EP Rough Trade Records 2004 RTRADSCD 157
Belle and Sebastian The Life Pursuit CD Rough Trade 2006 RTRADCD280
Benett So You're Not Coming Over? CD Win Records 1996 WIN022
Bergman, Marit 3.00 A.M. Serenades CD Sugartoy Recordings 2002 str 003
Bergman, Marit This is the Year CD-S Sugartoy Recordings 2002 str 004
Beulah The Coast is Never Clear CD Velocette Records 2001 943-000-2
Bierbeben, Das No Future No Past CD Shitkatapult 2004 Strike 47
Birdie Some Dusty CD Elefant Records 2000 ER-1074
Birthday Party, The Hee-Haw CD 2.13.61 Records / Buddha Records 2000 74465 99692 2
Björk Debut CD Mother Records 1993 519715-2
Black Cab Altamont Diary CD Interstate 40 Music 2004 UKPR001
Black Cab Jesus East CD Stickman Records 2006 Psychobabble 057
Black Cab Surrender CD-EP Interstate 40 Music 2007
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club s/t CD Virgin Records America 2001 7243 8 10045 2 4
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Whatever Happened to My Rock'n'Roll CD-EP Virgin Records America 2001 7243 8 97965 0 6
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Spread Your Love CD-EP Virgin Records America 2002 7243 5 46521 0 3
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Love Burns CD-S Virgin Records America 2000-2002 7243 5 46207 2 0
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Whatever Happened to My Rock'n'Roll CD-S Virgin Records America 2001 / 2002 7243 5 46802 2 9
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Take Them on on Your Own CD Virgin Records America 2003 7243 5 91618 2 2
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Howl CD Echo Label 2005 ECHCD67
Black Tambourine Complete Recordings CD Slumberland Records 1999 slr 37
Bloc Party Silent Alarm CD Wichita Recordings 2005 WR 1030562
Bloc Party Silent Alarm Remixed 2 CDs Vice Recordings 2005 Vice 94116-2
Blondie The Best of Blondie CD Chrysalis Records 1984 F2 21337 / DIDX 000071
Blood Music Don Quite CD Make It Happen 2007 MKTH17
Blow, The Poor Aim: Love Songs CD-S States Rights Records Pregnancy Series vol I
Boards Of Canada The Campfire Headphase CD Warp Records 2005 warpcd123
Boards of Canada Music Has the Right to Children CD Warp Records 1998 warpcd55x/skald 1
Boards of Canada Twoism CD Warp Records 2002 WARPCD70
Boards of Canada Geogaddi CD Warp Records 2002 warpcd101
Bob Hund Allt på ett kort CD-EP Silence Records 1993 SRSCD 4720
Bob Hund s/t CD Silence Records 1994 SRSCD 4723
Bob Hund Istället för musik: förvirring CD-EP Silence Records 1996 CDZING 13
Bob Hund Omslag: Martin Kann CD Silence Records 1996 SRSCD 4734
Bob Hund Jag rear ut min själ! Allt ska bort! CD Silence Records 1998 SRSCD 4743
Bob Hund Bob Hund sover aldrig CD Silence Records 1999 SRSCD 4748
Bob Hund Dans efter min pipa CD-S Silence Records 2001 CDZING 38
Bob Hund Stenåldern kan börja CD Silence Records 2001 SRSCD 4754
Bob Hund Den lilla planeten CD-S Silence Records 2002 CDZING 39
Bob Hund 10 år bakåt & 100 år framåt 2 CDs Silence Records 2002 SRSCD 4760
Boine, Mari Goaskinviellja / Eagle Brother CD Verve World / PolyGram International 1993 521388-2
Bonde Do Rolê With Lasers CD Domino 2007 WIGCD193
Boo Radleys, The Learning To Walk CD Summershine 1991 SHINECD 11
Boo Radleys, The Giant Steps CD Creation Records / Columbia Records 1993 CK 53794
Boyracer AUL 36X EP V-S 7'' Slumberland Records 1993 slr 035
Boyracer We are Made of the Same Wood CD Slumberland Records / A Turntable Friend 1995 slr 048 / TURN 024
Boyracer In Full Color CD Zero Hour Records 1996 ZHD 1140
Boyracer One Side of Boyracer V-S 7'' Slumberland Records 1996 slr 49
Boyracer Boyfuckingracer CD 555 Recordings 2001 555CD30
Boyracer To Get a Better Hold You've Got to Loosen Yr Grip CD 555 Recordings 2001 555CD40
Boyracer Happenstance CD Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records of Athens, GA 2003 / 2004 hhbtm063
Boyracer Bsides and Besides CD 555 Recordings 555CD45
Boyracer A Punch Up The Bracket CD 555 Recordings 2006 555CD72
Breeders, The Cannonball CD-EP 4-A-D 1993 BAD 3011 CD
Brideshead Some People Have all the Fun CD Marsh-Marigold Records 1998 mari 15
Brideshead In and Out of Love CD Shelflife Records 2002 life 043
Bright Coloured Lights Open Your Eyes V-S 7'' Slumberland Records 2000 slr 27
Brittle Stars s/t CD Shelflife Records 1999 life 018
Brittle Stars Garage Sale CD Shelflife Records 2001 life 037
Broadcast The Noise Made by People CD
Broadcast Tender Buttons CD Warp Records 2005 WARPCD136
Broder Daniel Saturday Night Engine CD EMI Svenska AB 1995 7243 8 21554 2 3
Broder Daniel s/t CD EMI Svenska AB 1996 8383772
Broder Daniel Broder Daniel Forever CD Dolores Recordings 1998 Dol060
Broder Daniel Cruel Town CD Dolores Recordings / Virgin Records Sweden 2003 DOL 140
Broken Beats, The A World Is Coming To A Town Near You... CD CD-R
Broken Social Scene s/t CD Arts & Crafts Productions 2005 A&C014
Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew, Spirit If... CD Arts & Crafts Productions 2007 A&C027
Buddha on the Moon The Last Autumn Day CD Drive-in Records
Buddha on the Moon Stratospheric CD Farrágo / Drive-In Records 1997 frg-010 / drive12
Built to Spill The Normal Years CD K 1996 KLP 52
Built to Spill Keep it a Secret CD WEA 1999 7243 8471712 4
Bush, Kate Hounds Of Love CD EMI Records 1997 7243 5 25239 2 4 remastered
By Coastal Café Båten V-EP 7'' Strings of Nashville Records 2001 strings 002
By Coastal Café Me? V-EP 7'' Pickled Egg Records Egg 16
CDOASS Extra Fingers 2006
Caesar's Palace Youth Is Wasted on the Young CD Dolores Recordings 1998 Dol052
Caesars Strawberry Weed CD Astralwerks 2008 ASW 26267
Caesars Palace Cherry Kicks CD Dolores Recordings / Virgin Records Sweden 2000 Dol074
Caesars Palace Love for the Streets CD Dolores Recordings / Virgin Records Sweden 2002 Dol102
California Oranges s/t CD Darla Records 2000 DRL 109
Camera Obscura Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi CD Andmoresound 2001 AND 17 CD
Camera Obscura Underachievers Please Try Harder 2003
Camera Obscura Let's Get Out Of This Country 2006
Cannonball Jane Street Vernacular 2006
Cansei de Ser Sexy s/t CD Sub Pop Records 2006 SPCD 717
Cansei de Ser Sexy Donkey CD Sub Pop 2008 SPCD 770
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone Twinkle Echo CD Tomlab 2003 TOM 31
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone Etiquette CD Tomlab 2006 tom 65
Castaway Stones, The Make Love to You CD Shelflife Records 1999 life 011
Cat Skills Cat Skills in Halos and Horns V-S 7'' The Informers 1999 inf 001
Cat's Miaow, The A Kiss and a Cuddle CD The Bus Stop Label 1996 BUS 1015
Cat's Miaow, The The Long Goodbye CD-EP Darla Records 1999 DRL-084
Cessna The Loves Longings and Regrets of Cessna CD Single/EP Radio Khartoum khz 100
Cessna Terminus 2004
Chapterhouse We Are Beautiful CD-S Dedicated 1993 HOUSE 004CD
Chapterhouse Blood Music 2 CDs Dedicated 1993 07822-18742-2
Chapterhouse Whirlpool CD Cherry Red Records 2006 CD MRED 304 reissue
Charlene s/t CD Sharkattack! Music 2002 SRK006CD
Chemical Brothers, The Surrender 1999
Chick Habit Bullshit Radio 2004
Chick Habit More More More More 2005
Chicks On Speed Chicks On Speed Will Save Us All! CD Chicks On Speed Records / EFA 2000 COSR001CD / 29901-2
Chicks On Speed 99 ¢ CD Chicks On Speed Records 2003 COSR012CD
Chocolate Barry Cucumber Trees and Ice Cold Lemonade CD Mini Tenor 2001 lux 05
Chromosome 86 Swerve Through The Moment CD Fieberkurve Records 2000 fk 001
Churchbuilder Patty Darling CD Shelflife Records 2001 life 032
Cinnamon Against the World V-EP 10'' Soap Records / Labrador Records 1999 LAB 05 Orange vinyl
Cinnamon The Many Moods of Cinnamon CD March Records 1999 MAR 044
Cinnamon Vertigo CD Soap Records 1999 SNAP 33
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah s/t CD Wichita Recordings 2005 WEBB099CD
Clash, The s/t CD Columbia / Sony Music Entertainment 1977 495344 2
Clash, The London Calling CD Columbia / Sony Music Entertainment 1979 495347 2
Clash, The Combat Rock CD Epic / CBS 1982 EK 37689
Clash, The Super Black Market Clash CD Columbia / Sony Music Entertainment 1993 495352 2
Clinic Internal Wrangler CD Domino Recordings 2000 RTD 129.3705.2
Club 8 Nouvelle CD Siesta 1996 Siesta 42CD
Club 8 Missing You CD-S Labrador 1998 LAB003
Club 8 The Friend I once Had CD Labrador 1998 LAB004
Club 8 s/t CD Labrador 2001 LAB018
Club 8 Spring Came, Rain Fell CD Hidden Agenda 2002 AHA!036
Club 8 Summer Songs 2002
Club 8 Saturday Night Engine CD Labrador 2003 LAB037
Club 8 Strangely Beautiful 2003
Club 8 The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming CD Labrador 2007 LAB108
Coastal s/t CD Words on Music 2001 WM07
CocoRosie The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn CD Touch And Go 2007 TG306CD
Cocteau Twins Treasure CD 4AD / Beggars Banquet Music 1984 GAD 412 CD
Cocteau Twins Blue Bell Knoll 1988
Color Filter Sleep in a Synchrotron CD Fuzzy Box Records / Darla Records fuz 011 / drl 054
Comet Gain Tigertown Pictures CD Kill Rock Stars 1999 KRS 346
Comet Gain Réalistes CD Milou Studios 2001 2MILCD
Concretes, The s/t CD Licking Fingers 2003 LFCD006
Concretes, The Layourbattleaxedown CD Astralwerks / Licking Fingers 2005 ASW11981
Concretes, The Hey Trouble CD Licking Fingers 2007 LF024
Contriva Tell Me when CD Monika Enterprise 1999 monika 13
Contriva If You Had Stayed... CD Monika Enterprise 2003 monika 30
Cornershop Brimful of Asha CD-EP Wilja Records/Intercord Tonträger 1997 INT 8 84508 2
Couch Profane CD Kitty-Yo 2001 ky01041cd
Crabs, The Sand and Sea CD K 1999 klp95
Crocodiles Endless Flowers CD Frenchkiss Records 2012 FKR059-2
Cruyff in the Bedroom Shoegazer of Happy Valley CD-EP Only Feedback Records 2001 JCSS14-05
Cruyff in the Bedroom Top of the World CD-EP Only Feedback Records 2001 JCSS14-04
Crystal Stilts Alight Of Night CD Slumberland Records 2008 SLR 84
Cure, The Boys Don't Cry CD Fiction Records 1979 815 011-2
Cure, The Seventeen Seconds CD Fiction Records 1980 825 354-2
Cure, The Faith CD Fiction Records 1981 827 687-2
Cure, The Staring at the Sea-The Singles CD Fiction Records 1986 829 239-2
Cure, The Disintegration CD Elektra 1989 9-60855-2
Cure, The Entreat CD Fiction Records 1990 843 359-2 Recorded live at Wembly July 89
Cure, The Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me CD Rhino 2006 R2 74750 original 1987
Cure, The Pornography CD Rhino 2006 R2 73351 original 1982
Cure, The The Head on the Door CD Rhino 2006 R2 74179 original 1985
Cure, The Three Imaginary Boys CD Rhino 2006 R2 73348 original 1979
Cut Copy Bright Like Neon Love 2005
Cut Copy In Ghost Colours CD Modular Recordings 2008 MODCD050
DAAU (Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung) Life Transmission CD Columbia / Sony Music Entertainment 2001 COL 498813 2
DAAU (Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung) Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain CD Radical Tune Entertainment 473.0001.070
Dale, Dick The Best of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones CD Rhino Records 1989 R2 75756
Dandy Warhols, The s/t CD Tim Kerr Records 1995 TK94C0091
Dandy Warhols, The The Dandy Warhols Come Down CD Capitol Records 1997 7243 8 36505 2 1
David & The Citizens I've Been Floating Upstream EP CD-EP Adrian Recordings 2001 ARCDs 007
David & The Citizens A Song Against Life EP CD-EP Adrian Recordings 2002 ArCDs 010
David & The Citizens For All Happy Endings CD Adrian Recordings 2002 ArCD 009
David & The Citizens Pink Evening (Send Me Off...) CD-S Adrian Recordings 2002 ARCDs 008
Dead Disco Automatic CD-S Fierce Panda 2006 NING190
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables CD Cherry Red Records 1980 CD BRED 10
Dear Nora We'll Have Time CD Magic Marker Records 2001 mmr012
Death Cab For Cutie Plans CD Atlantic Recording Corporation 2005 83834-2
Death In Vegas Scorpio Rising 2002
Death by Chocolate s/t CD Siesta 2001 siesta 136
Death Cab for Cutie Something about Airplanes CD Elsinor Records / Barsuk Records els017 / krang005
Death in Vegas The Contino Sessions CD Concrete 1999 74321 698502 HARD41CDU
Deerhoof Apple o' CD Kill Rock Stars / 5 Rue Christine KRS398 / GER025
Deerhoof Halfbird CD Menlo Park Recordings 1998 mpk 7022
Deerhoof The Runners Four CD Kill Rockstars / 5rc 2005 KRS 429
Delgados, The Universal Audio CD Chemikal Underground Records 2004 CHEM075CD
Departure Lounge Too Late to Die Young CD Nettwerk America 2002 0 6700 30250 2 7
Depeche Mode Black Celebration CD Mute Records 1986 CD STUMM 26
Depeche Mode Speak & Spell CD Mute Records 1981 / 1988 CD STUMM 5
Deportees Damaged Goods 2006
Digitalism Idealism CD Astralwerks 2007 ASW 89240
Dirty Three Horse Stories CD Touch and Go Records 1996 TG165CD
Dirty Three Whatever You Love, You Are CD Kindercore Records 1999 GRCD 486
Dirty Three She Has no Strings Apollo CD Touch and Go Records 2002 TG243CD
Dirty Three Cinder CD Touch & Go 2005 tg 293cd
Dive Freeze Frame CD-EP Mova Discs 2003 MOVA-0001
Dntel Dumb Luck CD Sub Pop 2007 SPCD 725
Do Make Say Think You, You're a History in Rust CD Constellation CST045-2
Douglas Heart s/t CD Labrador 2003 LAB024
Dressy Bessy Pink Hearts Yellow Moons CD Kindercore Records & Emperor Norton Records 2000 KC025
Dressy Bessy The California EP CD-EP KC060
Dub Narcotic Sound System Meets The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Sideways Soul (In a Dancehall Style) CD K 1999 KLP103
Duchess Says Anthologie Des 3 Perchoirs CD Alien8 Recordings 2008 ALIENCD 076
Ecstasy of Saint Theresa Susurrate CD Clairecords 1999, 2000 fern 14
Efterklang Tripper CD The Leaf Label 2004 BAY 40CD
Efterklang Magic Chairs CD 4AD 2010 CAD 3X01CD
El Perro del Mar What's New? CD-S Hybris 2004 HYBR006
El Perro del Mar Look! It's El Perro del Mar! CD Hybris 2005 HYBR012
El Perro del Mar From The Valley To The Stars CD The Control Group 2008 CGO 049
El Perro del Mar Love Is Not Pop CD TCG 2009 CGO060
Electrelane The Power out CD Too Pure 2004 PURE 142CD
Electric President s/t CD Morr Music 2006 MM062CD
Electric President Sleep Well CD Morr Music 2008 MM084CD
Electric President The Violent Blue CD Fake Four 2010 fakefourinc015
Electro Group Lifter V-S 7'' Omnibus Records 1998 OMNI018
Electro Group A New Pacifica CD Omnibus Records 2000 OMNI027
Electro Group Line of Sight V-S 7'' Omnibus Records 2000 OMNI021 Cloth bag, badge, blue vinyl
Electro Group ""ummo"" CD EP Omnibus Records Omni041
Electro Group Good Technology CD Clairecords 2007 fern065
Electrocute A Tribute To Your Taste CD-EP Emperor Norton 2003 EMN 7064-2
Electrocute Troublesome Bubblegum 2004
Electroserge To Those I Hold Dear
Elf Power The Winter is Coming CD Sugar Free Records 2000 SF-021
Elf Power A Dream in Sound CD Shifty Disco 2001 SHIFTY 0102
Elf Power Creatures CD spinART Records 2002 spart 106
Elias & The Wizzkids A Little Mess CD Hybris 2007 HYBR056
Elk City Status 2000
Ellen Allien & Apparat Orchestra Of Bubbles CD BPitch Control 2006 BPC 125CD
Embassy Tacking 2005
Embassy, The Futile Crimes CD Service 2002 SERV 006
Embassy, The The Pointer CD-S Service 2002 SERV 005
Emerald Down, The Scream the Sound CD Popsound 2001 Popsound 002
Empress s/t CD Pehr / 555 Recordings pehr006
End of Fashion O Yeah 2005
Esbjörn Svensson Trio Good Morning Susie SOH0 CD Superstudio Gul C-4 2000 73204 7000 773
Esther s/t 2006
Eve and the Last Waltz Love Boat CD Rythmace Recordings 2003 RARCD007
Experimental Aircraft Third Transmission: Meet Me on Echo Echo Terrace CD Graveface 2008 GRAVE 23
Explosions In The Sky How Strange, Innocence CD Temporary Residence 2000 trr 85
Explosions In The Sky The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place CD Temporary Residence 2003 TRR 61
F.S. Blumm Summer Kling CD Morr Music 2006 MM070CD
Fattaru Mina Hundar CD-S Redline Records / Virgin Records 2001 7243 8 977142 8
Fehlfarben Monarchie und Alltag CD EMI Electrola 2000 7243 5 29973 2 9
Feist Let It Die CD Cherrytree Records 2004 B0004442-02
Feist The Reminder CD Cherrytree Records 2007 B0008819-02
Fennesz Venice CD Touch 2004 TO:53
Fennesz Endless Summer CD Editions Mego 2006 eMEGO 035
Fennesz Black Sea CD Touch 2008 TO:76
Field Mice, The Snowball CD LTM LTMCD 2419
Field Mice, The Where'd You Learn to Kiss That Way? 2 CDs Shinkansen Recordings 1998 SHINKANSEN 14CD
Figurine The Heartfelt CD March Records 2001 mar 070
Figurine Discard ep CD-EP 555 Recordings 555CD46
Figurine Reconfigurine CD Blackbean and Placenta bbp 345
Figurine Transportation+Communication=Love CD Blackbean and Placenta
Fine Arts Showcase, The Radiola CD Adrian Recordings 2006 arcd 038
Fint Tillsammans Med drömmen som ström CD Silence Records 1996 SRSCD 4735
Fint Tillsammans Mötet med flygfolket CD Silence Records 1998 SRSCD 4741
Fint Tillsammans Vakna! Vi är nakna! CD-EP Silence Records 1998 cdzing 19
Fint Tillsammans Benno Presents Vol. 3 V-EP 10'' Benno 1999
Fint Tillsammans En världsomsegling CD Silence Records 2000 SRSCD 4751
Fint Tillsammans Pang och världen är ny V-S 7'' Stockholm Archives Series SAS # 11 Clear vinyl, # 158
First Aid Kit The Lion's Roar CD Wichita Recordings 2012 WEBB320CD
First Floor Power We Are the People CD EP Silence Records / bob hunds förlag 2000 CDZING 30
First Floor Power Love Will Come Knocking CD EP Silence Records / bob hunds förlag 2001 CDZING 36
First Floor Power There is Hope CD Silence Records / bob hunds förlag 2001 SRSCD 4753
First Floor Power Time Time CD EP Silence Records / bob hunds förlag 2001 CDZING34
First Floor Power Nerves CD Silence Records 2003 SRSCD4763
First Floor Power Don't Back Down! CD Crunchy Frog Recordings 2008 FROG 062-2
Flaming Lips, The The Soft Bulletin CD
Florian Florianópolis CD Dashboard 2003 DASH 002
Flunk Morning Star CD Beatservice Records 2004 BS074CD
Fly Put the Needle Down and Fly CD Elefant Records 2002 ER-1084
Fonda The Invisible Girl CD Top Quality Records 1999 TOP02
Fonda Summer Land V-S 7'' Planting Seeds / Top Quality Records 2000 PSREC-010
Four Tet Pause CD Domino Recording 2001 DOMUS02CD
Four Tet Rounds CD Domino Recording 2003 DNO 014CD
Four Tet Late Night Tales CD Azuli Records 2004 Alncd 12
Four Tet Everything Ecstatic CD Domino Recordings 2005 Domino-060
Fourier Flowtation V-S 10'' An Arctic Survival Release ARC 02 Clear vinyl
France Gall Baby Pop CD Polydor 1998 539 842-2
Franke Optimismens Hån CD Service SERV008
Franke Franke ställs mot dig CD-EP Service 2003 SERV007
Free Loan Investments Youth Will Understand V-EP 7'' 2001 BOOFF 001 # 313 of 500 copies
Free Loan Investments Ever Been to Mexico? CD-EP Shelflife Records 2002 life 044
Freeheat Don't Worry Be Happy CD-EP Hall of Records 2000 HOR1104 Jim Reid
Freeheat Retox CD-EP Outafocus Recordings 2001 OUTA4CD Jim Reid
Frida Hyvönen Until Death Comes 2005
Fridlund, David Amaterasu CD Adrian Recordings 2004 ARCD 029
Frittenbude Katzengold CD Audiolith Records 2010 AL080
Fujiya & Miyagi Electro Karaoke In The Negative Style CD Massive Advance 2002 MADV003
Fujiya & Miyagi Transparent Things CD Breakbeat Science Recordings 2007
Fujiya & Miyagi Fujiya & Miyagi CD Deaf Dumb & Blind 2008 DDB-30034-2
Futureheads, The s/t CD 679 Recordings 2005 679L074CDX
Gaffa Wilful Things CD DOXA Records 1999 MMXA9938CD
Garbage Version 5.0 CD Mushroom Records 1998 74321 55410 2
Garmarna Vedergällning CD Massproduction / MNW Records Group 1999 MNW CD-337
Gentle Waves, The Falling From Grace CD Jeepster Recordings / Never Records Group 2000 NR4058
Girlboy Girl Fresco CD Blackbean and Placenta 1999 bbptc 135
Girlfrendo Vivid Confusion CD-EP Bambini 1999 bini 5
Girlfrendo So You Are here again, Shadow? CD Bambini 2001 bam 6
Girlfrendo Surprise! Surprise! It's Girlfrendo CD Siesta siesta 72
Glo-Worm Glimmer CD K 1996 KLP 54
Go! Team, The Thunder, Lightning, Strike CD Memphis Industries 2004 MI040CD
Go! Team, The Proof of Youth CD Memphis Industries 2007 MI099CD
Go-Betweens, The 78 'til 79 The Lost Album 1978
Go-Betweens, The Send Me A Lullaby 1981
Go-Betweens, The Before Hollywood 1983
Go-Betweens, The Spring Hill Fair 1984
Go-Betweens, The The Friends Of Rachel Worth 2000
Go-Betweens, The Bright Yellow Bright Orange 2003
God Is an Astronaut All Is Violent, All Is Bright CD Revive 2005 RVECD006
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada EP CD-EP Kranky 1999 krank034
Going Stack Sink and Dream V-EP 7'' Kittridge Records KITT 003
Goldfrapp Felt Mountain CD Mute Records 2000 CD STUMM 188
Goldfrapp Supernature CD Mute Records 2005 CD STUMM 250
González, José Crosses CD-EP Imperial Recordings 2003 IMP 005 CDS
Grandaddy Sumday 2003
Grauzone Die Sunrise Tapes CD Play It Again Sam 1998 BIAS 331 CD
Green, Adam Jacket Full Of Danger CD Rough Trade 2006 RTRADCD293
Gritty Kitty Mistaking Airplanes for Stars CD Kindercore Records 1997 KC-016
Gritty Kitty Where Did You Find Each Other? CD Planting Seeds Records 2002 PSRCD-021
Guitar Sunkissed CD Morr Music Morr Music 032
Guitar Tokyo CD Onitor 2006 ONITOR 51
Happy Couple, The Fools In Love EP 2005
Heavenly Heavenly vs. Satan CD K KLP 129 Reissue of the 1990 Sarah Records recording
Heavenly Le Jardin de Heavenly CD K KLP 13
Heavenly Operation Heavenly CD K KLP 59
Heavenly P.U.N.K. Girl CD-EP K KLP 25
Heavenly The Decline and Fall of Heavenly CD K KLP 33
Hecker, Maximilian Lady Sleep CD 2005 Promo
Hedningarna Hippjokk CD Silence Records 1997 SRSCDD 4737
Hedningarna Karelia Visa CD Silence Records 1999 SRSCD 4744
Heimfrieden Sic! CD 1994-1999 krnk#006
Heimfrieden Nede Irf Mieh CD 1994-2000 2krnk#020
Heiterkeit, Die Herz aus Gold CD Staatsakt 2012 AKT735CD
Heiterkeit, Die Monterey CD Staatsakt 2014 AKT 748
Hell on Wheels Alpha Phozz & the Beta Hustle CD Urinine Records 1999 URN CD-008
Hell on Wheels What is the Influence CD EP NONS Records / Music Network Records AB 2000 NONSCD 74
Hell on Wheels There is a Generation of Hanicapped People to Carry on CD NONS Records / Music Network Records AB 2001 NONSCD 78
Hello Goodbye Heart Attack CD Racing Junior 2002 RJCD014
Henry's Dress s/t CD Slumberland Records 1994 slr 34
Herrmann & Kleine Our Noise CD Morr Music 2001 Morr Music 026
Hey Nonny Nonny Grow CD South Folk 1994 SCD 994
Highspire Your Everything CD Clairecords 2004 FERN047
Hip Young Things Shrug CD Glitterhouse Records 1994 EFA 08 347-2 / GRCD 347
Hives, The Barely Legal CD Burning Hearts Records 1997 BHR 068
Hives, The Veni Vidi Vicious CD Burning Hearts Records 2000 BHR 107
Holiday with Maggie Librarian Types CD Snowglobe Records 2001 SG02
Honey is Cool Crazy Love CD MVG Records 1997 MVG 128
Honey is Cool Bolero! EP CD-EP Rabid Records 1999 Rabid-001
Honey is Cool Baby Jane CD-EP Rabid Records 2000 RABID 005
Honey is Cool Early Morning Are You Working? CD Rabid Records Rabid 003
House Of Love, The s/t CD Creation Records 1988 88561-8245-2
House of Love, The s/t CD Rough Trade Records & Creation Records 1988 RTD / CRE CD 9-63
Huggy Bear Weaponry Listens to Love CD Kill Rock Stars KRS 236
Human League, The Travelogue CD Virgin 2003 CDVR 2160
Human League, The Reproduction CD Virgin 2003 CDVR 2133
Hydroplane The Sound Of Changing Places CD Drive-In Records 2001 drive51
I Am Robot and Proud The Electricity in Your House Wants to Sing CD Darla 2006 DRL168
I'm From Barcelona Collection Of Stamps
I'm From Barcelona Don't Give Up On Your Dreams, Buddy! 2006
I'm From Barcelona Let Me Introduce My Friends 2006
I'm From Barcelona Who Killed Harry Houdini? CD Mute Corporation 2008 9396-2
I'm Not a Gun Our Lives On Wednesdays CD City Centre Offices 2004 TOWERBLOCK 022 CD
Icicles, The Pure Sugar EP CD-EP Drive-in Records 2001 drive56
Ideal s/t CD Warner Music Germany 2005 5050467-6110-2-3
Ideal Der Ernst des Lebens CD Warner Music Germany 2005 5050467-7361-2-2
Inspiral Carpets Devil Hopping 1994
Interpol Obstacle 1 CD-EP Matador Records 2002 OLE 570-2
Irene Baby I Love Your Way / To Be With You 2006
Isobella Akasha CD Spacestation121 / Clairecords 2000 fern 16 / CDT 1
Isobella A 24 Syllable HAIKU CD Clairecords 2001 FERN 021
Ivy Long Distance CD Bittersweet Recordings 2001 BS-005-CD
Jack Drag Soft Songs LP: Aviating CD Sugar Free Records 2000 SF-019
Jackson 5, The Gold 2 CDs Motown / Universal 2005 0602498801529
Jacques C Stream On 2005
Jam, The The Sound of The Jam CD Polydor 2003 440 065 635-2
Jeans Team Gold und Silber CD-EP Pluxemburg 2002 CDBURG2
Jeans Team Musik Von Oben 2005
Jeniferever Spring Tides CD Monotreme 2009 Mono-40
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Psychocandy CD Blanco Y Negro / WEA Records 1986 2292-42000-2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Darklands CD Blanco Y Negro / WEA Records 1987 2292-42180-2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Live in Heaven 1987 CD Oblivion Records 1987 OR CD 9103
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Barbed Wire Kisses (B-Sides and More) CD Blanco Y Negro / WEA Records 1988 2292-42331-2 Compilation
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Automatic CD Blanco Y Negro / WEA Records 1989 9 26015-2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Rollercoaster 4 Tracks CD-EP Blanco Y Negro / WEA Records 1990 WMC5-203 Japan
Jesus and Mary Chain, The The Peel Sessions CD-EP Strange Fruit Records 1991 SFPMACD 210
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Almost Gold CD-EP Blanco Y Negro / Warner Music UK 1992 NEG 57CD / 4509-90232-2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Far Gone and Out CD-EP Blanco Y Negro / Warner Music UK 1992 NEG 56CD / 9031-77054-2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Honey's Dead CD Blanco Y Negro / Warner Music UK 1992 9031-76554-2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Reverence CD-EP Blanco Y Negro / Warner Music UK 1992 NEG 55CD / 9031-76479-2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The The Sound of Speed CD Blanco Y Negro / Warner Music UK 1992 WMC5-520 Japan, Compilation
Jesus and Mary Chain, The April Skies - Live '87 CD Blue Knight Records 1992 BKR 02
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Teenage Lust CD Pluto Records 1992 PLR CD 9307 Live In New York City March 23, 1992
Jesus and Mary Chain, The The Sound of Speed CD Blanco Y Negro / Warner Music UK 1993 4509-93105-2 Compilation
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Come On CD-EP Blanco Y Negro / Warner Music UK 1994 NEG 73CD2 / 4509-97860-2 Part 2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Come On CD-EP Blanco Y Negro / Warner Music UK 1994 NEG 73CD1 / 4509-97859-2 Part 1
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Sometimes Always CD-EP Blanco Y Negro / Warner Music UK 1994 NEG 70CD / 4509-96927-2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Stoned and Dethroned CD Blanco Y Negro / Warner Music UK 1994 4509-96717-2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Hate Rock 'n' Roll CD American Recordings / Blanco Y Negro / Warner Music UK 1995 9 43043-2 Compilation
Jesus and Mary Chain, The I Hate Rock 'n' Roll CD-EP Blanco Y Negro / Warner Music UK 1995 0630-10522-2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cracking Up CD-EP Creation Records 1998 SCR 665656 2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The I Love Rock 'n' Roll CD-EP Creation Records 1998 SCR 665858 2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Munki CD Creation Records 1998 SCR 489854 2
Jesus and Mary Chain, The The Jesus and Mary Chain Live CD-3'' SCONC.021
Jesus and Mary Chain, The The Complete John Peel Sessions CD Strange Fruit 2000 SFRSCD092
Johnny Boy You are the Generation that Bought more Shoes and You Get what You Deserve CD-S Mercury Records 2004 9866935
Johnny Boy s/t CD Johnny Boy Recordings 2006 JB001
Johnson, Calvin What Was Me CD K KLP 117
Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart: Joy Division 1995 CD-EP London Records 1995 INT 850025.2 / UK YOJCD I
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures CD Factory Communications / London Records 1979 / 1992 520 016-2
Joy Division Closer CD CentreDate Co / London Records 1980 / 1992 520 015-2
Joy Division Substance (1977-1980) CD CentreDate Co / London Records 1988 / 1992 520014-2
Joy Division Still CD CentreDate Co / London Records 1990 / 1985 520017-2
Junior Senior Shake Your Coconuts CD-S Crunchy Frog 2003 JUNIORCJ7 Promo
Kent Vapen & Ammunition CD RCA / BMG 2002 74321 931192
Kent Isola CD RCA / Victor / BMG 1997 74321 52081 2
Kent Hagnesta Hill CD RCA / Victor / BMG 1999 74321 71760 2
Kent B-Sidor 95-00 CD RCA / Victor / BMG 2000 74321 82158 2
Kettcar Du und wieviel von deinen Freunden CD Grand Hotel Van Cleef 2002 GHvC 001
Khonnor Handwriting CD Type Records 2005 TYPE003 CD
Kid, The Pas De Chance CD-EP Luegofuego 2005 LF001
Kid, The La Société Nouvelle 2006
Kid, The Transient Blood CD Hybris 2008 HYBR067
Kills, The Black Rooster E.P. CD-EP Domino Recording 2002 BUG144CD
Kim Ki O En Az İki, En Fazla Sekiz CD 2007 No. 213
Kim Ki O Diğerleri Nerde? CD-EP 2008 No. 59
Kinski Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle CD Sur La Plage 2002 SLURP010CD
Kinski Semaphore CD-EP Subpop 2002 SPCD 606
Kinski Airs above Your Station CD Subpop 2003 SPCD 620
Kittycraft Beats and Breaks from the Flower Patch CD Kindercore Records 1998 KC-024
Klee Unverwundbar CD Modernsoul / Ministry of Sound Recordings 2003 0009049MIN
Klee Jelängerjelieber CD Modernsoul / Ministry of Sound 2004 0030032MIN
Klee Zwischen Himmel und Erde CD Ministry of Sound Recordings 2006 0030202MIN
Klee Berge versetzen CD Universal Music 2008 06025 1774026 6
Knife, The N. Y. Hotel CD-S Rabid Records 2001 Rabid 009
Knife, The s/t CD Rabid Records 2001 Rabid 008
Knife, The Got 2 Let 2 CD-S Rabid Records 2002 Rabid 010
Knife, The Deep Cuts CD Rabid Records 2003 Rabid 014
Knife, The Heartbeats CD-S Rabid Records 2003 Rabid 013
Knife, The Hannah med H Soundtrack CD Rabid Records 2003 Rabid 017
Knife, The You Take My Breath away CD-S Rabid Records 2003 Rabid 015
Knife, The We Share Our Mother's Health CD-S 2006
Knife, The Marble House 2006
Knife, The Silent Shout 2006
Knife, The Shaking the Habitual CD Mute 2013 9557-2
Komeda Kokomemedada CD Universal Music 2003 038 499-2
Koop Koop Islands CD Atlantic 2007 237052-2
Kraftwerk Autobahn CD Klingklang / Emi Electrola 1974 CDP 564 7 46153 2
Kraftwerk Radio-Aktivität CD Klingklang / Emi Electrola 1975 CDP 564 7 46132 2
Kraftwerk Die Mensch-Maschine CD Klingklang / Emi Electrola 1978 CDP 564 7 46131 2
Kraftwerk Computerwelt CD Klingklang / Emi Electrola 1981 CDP 564 7 46130 2
Kraftwerk Trans Europa Express CD Klingklang / Emi Electrola 1986 CDP 564 7 46133 2
Kubot In ellpen V-LP 12'' Speakerphone Recordings 2000 60/300 300 copies
La Düsseldorf Viva CD Warner Music Germany 1978 2292-44113-2 remastered
Laakso My Gods 2005
Laakso Mother, Am I Good Looking? CD V2 2007 VVR1046892
Ladybug Transistor, The Beverley Atonale CD Merge Records 1997 mrg121cd
Ladybug Transistor, The The Albemarle Sound CD Merge Records 1999 mrg154cd
Ladybug Transistor, The Argyle Heir CD Merge Records 2001 mrg189cd
Ladybug Transistor, The Live at Emmabodafestivalen 99 CD Amigo Records 2001 ar-01
Ladybug Transistor, The s/t CD Merge Records 2003 mrg229
Ladybug Transistor, The Can't Wait Another Day CD Merge Records 2007 MRG292
Ladyhawke s/t CD Decca US 2009 B0013203-02
Ladytron Commodore Rock CD-EP Invicta HIFI Records 2000 emn 7034
Ladytron 604 CD Invicta HIFI Records 2001 LIQ014
Ladytron Light and Magic CD Emperor Norton Records 2002 EMN7058-2
Ladytron Witching Hour CD Universal Island Records 2005 9874454 BIEM/SABAM
Ladytron Extended Play 2006
Lali Puna Tridecoder CD Darla / Hausmusik / Morr Music 1999 Darla 096 / Hausmusik 039 / Morr Music 002
Lali Puna Scary World Theory CD Morr Music 2001 Morr Music 023
Lali Puna Faking the Books CD Morr Music 2004 Morr Music 044
Lali Puna Micronomic CD Morr Music 2004 Morr Music 045
Lali Puna I Tought I Was over that 2 CDs Morr Music 2005 Morr Music 056
Lali Puna Our Inventions CD Morr Music 2010 MM098
Lambchop No You C'mon CD Merge Records 2004 MRG241
Lambchop Aw C'mon CD Merge Records 2004 MRG240
Lambchop Mr. M CD Merge Records 2012 6 73855 04342 5
Lauper, Cyndi She's So Unusual CD Portrait / CBS / Sony 1983 RK 38930
Lavemangsmugglarna Live in London CD Ansurd Records 2000 Absurd 8
Lazycame Yawn! CD-EP Guided Missile Recordings William Reid
Lazycame Yawn! CD-EP Guided Missile Recordings guided 41cd William Reid
Le Tigre s/t CD Mr. Lady Records 1999 MRLR-07
Le Tigre From the Desk of Mr. Lady CD EP Mr. Lady Records 2000 MRLR-14
Le Tigre Feminist Sweepstakes CD ChicksOnSpeedRecords 2001 cosr05cd
Le Tigre This Island CD Universal Island Records 2004 986 461-8
Legends, The Up against the Legends CD Labrador 2003 LAB 044
Legends, The There and Back Again CD-EP Labrador 2003 LAB 043
Legends, The Call It Ours CD-EP Labrador 2004 LAB061
Legends, The He knows the sun 2005
Legends, The Hide away 2005
Legends, The Public Radio 2005
Legends, The Play it for today 2006
Legends, The Facts & Figures 2006
Legends, The Lucky Star CD-S Labrador 2006 LAB092
Legends, The Over and Over CD Labrador 2009 LAB118
Lekman, Jens When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog CD Service 2004 SERV015
Lekman, Jens Oh You're So Silent Jens CD Secretly Canadian 2005 SC126
Lekman, Jens Night Falls Over Kortedala CD Secretly Canadian 2007 SC160
Lemon Jelly CD XL Recordings IFXLCD 139
Lemper, Ute Ute Lemper Sings Kurt Weil CD Decca Records 1988 425 204-2
Les Négresses Vertes Mlah CD Delabel 1991 CDDLB5
Les Négresses Vertes Famille nombreuse CD Delabel 1991 CDDLB2
Les Portugaises Ensablées s/t CD Made in Heaven 1993 10811-2
Liaisons Dangereuses s/t CD Hit Thing 2002 HIT THING CD 005
Liars Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack 2006
Life without Buildings Any other City CD DC / Baltimore 2012 2001 DCB 003
Life Without Buildings Young Offenders CD-EP Tugboat Records TUGSCD026
Lights Out Asia Tanks and Recognizers CD Zankyo 2007 ZNR-040
Linton, Amy + Anderson, Stewart The Lights are out V-S 7'' Slumberland Records / 555 Recordings slr 64 / 55524 The Aislers Set
Lo-Fi-Fnk We Is CD-EP La Vida Locash 2002
Lo-Fi-Fnk Boylife 2006
Loosegoats s/t CD-EP Startracks 2001 STAR 8757-2 Specially Priced Single Containing 7 Tracks
Los Campesinos! Sticking Fingers Into Sockets CD-EP Arts & Crafts 2007 A&C025
Los Campesinos! Hold On Now, Youngster... CD Arts & Crafts International 2008 A&C 031
Love Is All Nine Times That Same Song CD Parlophone 2006 369 071
Love Is All A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night CD What's Your Rupture 2008 WYR?0508
Love Is All Two Thousand and Ten Injuries CD Polyvinyl 2010 PRC-194
Love as Laughter #1 USA CD K KLP 76
Love as Laughter The Greeks Bring Gifts CD K KLP 51
Lovejoy Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? CD Matineé Recordings 2002 matcd 018
Loveninjas The Secret of the Loveninjas CD Labrador 2006 lab099
M. Walking on the Water s/t CD Fuego 1988 / 1989 FUEGO 1114
M. Ward A Wasteland Companion CD Merge Records 2012 MRG433
M83 s/t CD Goom Disques 2002 724596929926
M83 Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts 2 CDs Goom Disques 2003 724596925126
Madness One Step Beyond... CD Virgin Records 1979 CDOVD 133
Magnetic Fields, The The House of Tomorrow CD Merge Records 1992 mrg152cd
Magnetic Fields, The Holiday CD Merge Records 1993 mrg151cd
Magnetic Fields, The The Charm of the Highway Strip CD Merge Records 1994 MRG 055
Magnetic Fields, The Get Lost CD Merge Records 1995 MRG091CD
Magnetic Fields, The 69 Love Songs 3 CDs Circus Music / PIAS Recordings 2000 PIAS 069 CD-941.0069.25-480 PS
Magnetic Fields, The The Wayward Bus / Distant Plastic Trees CD Merge Records 1989 / 1991 MRG075CD
Magnetic Fields, The I CD Nonesuch Records 2004 Nonesuch 79683-2
Magnetic Fields, The Realism CD Nonesuch 2010 519594-2
Mahogany The Dream of a Modern Day CD Darla 2001 DRL113
Majestic Live it up CD Shelflife Records 1999 life 007
Malory Outerbeats CD Clairecords 2002 FERN 027
Malory Not Here Not Now CD Clairecords 2006 fern 043
Mando Diao Bring'em in CD Capitol Records Sweden 2002 7243 5 41 842 2 2
Mando Diao Mr Moon CD-S Capitol Records Sweden 2002 7243 5 51370 2 9
Maps We Can Create CD Mute 2007 CDSTUMM281
Mardi Gras.BB Kung Fu Fighting CD-S Universal Jazz 2002 015 562-2
Marine Research Sounds from the Gulf Stream CD K KLP 100
Mary Onettes, The s/t CD Labrador 2007 LAB103
Mates of State Our Constant Concern CD Polyvinyl Records 2002 PRC-046
Mathlete Lincolnwood Tech CD Blackbean and Placenta 2000 BBPTC 170
Mattsson, Andreas The Lawlessness Of The Ruling Classes CD Hybris 2006 HYBR029
Maybellines, The s/t CD Shelflife Records 2000 life 024
Maybellines, The Chatfield Holiday CD Best Friends Records 2002 FR-02
Mazarine Street Get it on V-S 7'' Freak Scene Records 1995 Freak 1
Mazarine Street The Beast of Mazarine Street CD Quattro Label / Fine Tone Recordings 1996 QTCY-2090
Mazarine Street Thirteen Reasons to Believe CD Fine Tone Recordings / Sweden Music 1997 fine 005
Mazarine Street Delirious CD Dolores Recordings / Virgin Records Sweden 2001 DOL 066
Mazzy Star So Tonight that I MIght See CD Capitol Records 1993 0777 7 988253 2 5
Mean Red Spiders Places You Call Home CD Teenage USA Recordings 1998 teen006
Mean Red Spiders Starsandsons CD Teenage USA Recordings 2000 TEEN 3019-2
Mediengruppe Telekommander Die Ganze Kraft Einer Kultur CD Mute Tonträger 2004 CDstummTT2
Mediengruppe Telekommander Näher am Menschen CD Mute Tonträger / EMI 2006 3572502
Melochrome The Music We Make CD Loose Thread Recording 1999 Ltr 001
Melochrome Stay a Little Longer CD Loose Thread Recording 2001 Ltr 006
Merritt, Stephin Eban & Charley CD Merge Records 2001 mrg205cd
Microphones, The Window CD Yo Yo Recordings 1999 YOYO CD 13
Microphones, The Don't Wake me up CD K 1999 KLP 99
Midnight Movies s/t CD Emperor Norton Records 2004 ENR 7073-2
Midsummer Moon Shadow CD Candela Publishing 2001
Mirah Advisory Commitee CD K klp 135
Mirah Cold Cold Water CD-EP K IPU 100
Mirah You Think It's like This but Really It's like This CD K klp112
Mirah C'mon Miracle CD K 2004 Klp 160
Miss Bliss s/t CD Meltdown Records 1996 MDR 10-2
Moby Play CD
Moby Play 1999
Moder Jords Massiva I jorden CD Flora & Fauna 2003 ffcd03
Mogwai Young Team CD Chemikal Underground Records 1997 chem018cd
Mogwai Come on Die Young CD Matador Records 1999 ole 365-2
Mogwai Mr. Beast CD Matador Records / Play It Again Sam Recordings 2006 OLE-681-2
Moldy Peaches, The s/t CD Rough Trade 2001 RTRADECD014
Moldy Peaches, The County Fair CD-S Rough Trade Records 2002 RTRADE-SCD047
Monade Socialisme Ou Barbarie (The Bedroom Recordings) CD Duophonic Super 45's 2003 DC237CD
Mono Formica Blues CD Mercury 1997 314 536 676-2
Mono Under the Pipal Tree CD Tzadik 2001 TZ 7237
Mono One Step More and You Die CD The Arena Rock Recording Company 2003 ARE 00031-2
Mono You Are There CD Temporary Residence 2006 TRR 98
Mono For My Parents CD-EP Temporary Residence Limited 2012 TRR213
Mono The Last Dawn CD Temporary Residence Limited 2014 TRR242
Mono Rays of Darkness CD Temporary Residence Limited 2014 TRR243
Monostars s/t V-S 7'' Firestation Tower Records 1999 FST014
Monster Movie Crash Landing CD-EP Clairecords 2001 fern 020
Monster Movie Last Night Something Happened CD Clairecords 2002 fern 026
Montgolfier Brothers, The The World Is Flat CD Poptones 2001 mc5057cd
Morgenstern, Barbara Vermona ET 6-1 CD Monika Enterprise 1999 monika 05
Morgenstern, Barbara Fjorden CD Monika Enterprise 2000 monika 16
Morgenstern, Barbara Nichts Muss CD Monika Enterprise 2003 7243 583884 2 8
Morgenstern, Barbara The Grass Is Always Greener CD Monika Enterprise 2006 monika 47
Morgenstern, Barbara BM CD Monika 2008 monika 64
Ms. John Soda No P. or D. CD Morr Music 2002 Morr Music 031
Ms. John Soda While Talking CD Morr Music 2003 Morr Music 040
Ms. John Soda Notes and the Like CD Morr Music 2006 Morr Music 64
My Bloody Valentine EPs 1988-1991 2 CDs Sony Music 2012 88691941692
My Bloody Valentine m b v CD mbv records 2013 mbv cd 01
My Favorite The Happiest Days of Our Lives 2 CDs Double Agent 2003 DA020-2CD
My Teenage Stride Ears Like Golden Bats CD Becalmed Records 2007 klecd 104
Múm Yesterday Was Dramatic-Today Is OK CD TMT-Entertainment 2001 TMT02CD
Múm Finally We Are No One CD Fat Cat Records 2002 fatcd18
Múm Please Smile my Noise Bleed CD Morr Music Morr Music 020
My Bloody Valentine Ecstasy and Wine CD Lazy Records 1987 LAZY 12 CD
My Bloody Valentine Feed Me with Your Kiss CD EP Creation 1988 CRE SCD 061
My Bloody Valentine Isn't Anything CD Creation/Relativity Records 1988 88561-1006-2
My Bloody Valentine You Made me Realize CD EP Creation 1988 CRE SCD 055
My Bloody Valentine Glider CD EP Sire Records Company 1990 9 26313-2
My Bloody Valentine Loveless CD Creation 1991 CRE CD 060
My Bloody Valentine Tremolo E.P. CD EP Creation 1991 CRE SCD 085
My Favorite Love at Absolute Zero CD Double Agent 1999 DA007CD
My Favorite Joan of Arc Awaiting Trial CD EP Double Agent 2000 DA015CD
My Favorite A Cult of One CD EP Double Agent 2001 DA018CD
Múm Summer Make Good CD FatCat Records 2004 FATCD26
Múm Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy CD FatCat Records 2007 FATCD46LTD
Naimi Benno Presents Vol. 5 V-EP 7'' Benno 2000
Ned's Atomic Dustbin Godfodder CD Furtive / Sony Music Entertainment 1991 468112-2
Ned's Atomic Dustbin Are You Normal? CD Chaos Recordings / Sony 1992 OK 53154
Neu! s/t CD Grönland / EMI 2001 7243 5 30780 2 7
New Order Blue Monday-95 CD-S London Records 1995 NCDJ 7
New Order Get Ready 2001
New Young Pony Club Fantastic Playroom CD Modular Recordings MODCD064 2007
Nice New Outfit NNO CD Peacific 2005 PEA 07
Nice New Outfit Strip Down, Stand Up CD Peacific 2008 PEA 11
Nico Chelseay Girl CD Polygram Records 1966 835 209-2
Ninetynine s/t CD Patsy 1996 patsy 00I
Ninetynine 767 CD Endearing Records ndr011
Nixon November 1985 CD Strings of Nashville 2002 strings 006
No Age Nouns CD Sub Pop 2008 SPCD 772
Nobert & die Feiglinge Ich werd' dreißig CD-EP Edition Ohrfeige Rondor Musikverlag JLCD 9.01 324
Norma 1 CD-EP Novoton 2007 Novo013
Nosoträsh Mi vida en un fin de semana CD Elefant Records 2000 ER-1072
Nosoträsh Cierra la puerta al salir CD Elefant Records 2005 ER-1120
Nouvelle Vague s/t CD Peacefrog Records 2004 PFG051CD
Numbers Life CD Tigerbeat6 2002 MEOW048
Numbers EE-UH! CD-EP Troubleman Unlimited TMU 108
Octopus Project, The One Ten Hundred Thousand Million CD Peek-A-Boo Industries 2005 BOO 1214CD
Octopus Project, The Hello, Avalanche CD Peek-A-Boo Records 2007 BOO 1219CD
Orange Juice The Glasgow School CD Domino Recording 2005 REWIGCD19
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Dazzle Ships 1983
Paddington DC The Sun Is Down And The Sky Is Grey CD Lowlife Records 2005 Lowlife 004
Paik Hugo Strange CD Paik Beyonder Records 1998 ED5023
Paik Spacer CD EP Beyonder Records 1999
Paik Corridors CD Beyonder Records 2001 Bey-003
Paik The Orson Fader CD Clairecords 2002 FERN 28
Paik Satin Black CD-EP Strange Attractors Audio House 2004 SAAH023
Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The s/t CD Slumberland 2009 SLR 89
Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The s/t CD Slumberland 2009 SLR 89
Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Higher Than the Stars CD Slumberland 2009 SLR 105
Pallin A One Bedroom Apartment CD URU 2000 URU 06
Pallin Far from Yokohama CD URU 2002 URU 010
Paper Made of Stone V-S 7'' Mothertruckerrecords 2002
Paris Les amis de Paris CD Look Left Recordings / Parismusic 2003 LLCDS5
Paris Yellow Eden CD Look Left Recordings / Parismusic 2003 LLCD3
Park Hotell Free for Friends CD Ultra Radio Records / BD Pop 2008 BDMUSIC0809
Parker Delusions of Grandeur CD Parker Records 2002 VVR1020572
Pastels, The Illuminati CD UP Records 1998 UP065
Peaches Fatherfucker CD XL Recordings 2003 XLCD 171
Peaches Impeach My Bush CD XL Recordings 2006 XLCD 201
Pellumair Summer Storm CD Tugboat Records 2005 TUG CD 035
Persil Comfort Noise CD Transformed Dreams 2006 dream 36
Peter Bjorn and John Writer's Block CD Wichita 2006 WEBB108CD
PeterLicht Vierzehn Lieder CD Modul / BMG 2001 74321 88143 2
Phoenix Long Distance Call 2006
Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix CD Glassnote 2009 GLS0105-02
Pia Fraus In Solarium CD Clairecords 2002 fern 022
Pia Fraus Nature Heart Software CD Seksound 2006 SEKS006
Pipas A Cat Escaped CD Matineé Recordings 2002 matcd 021
Pipettes, The Meet The Pipettes 2006
Pipettes, The We Are the Pipettes CD Cherrytree Records 2007 B000929-02
Pizzicato Five This Year's Model CD-EP Nippon Columbia 1991 COCA-5132
Plan, The Mon Amour CD-S Majesty / EMI Svenska AB 2001 7243 8 79572 2 0
Plan, The s/t CD Majesty / EMI Svenska AB 2001 7243 5 36083 2 3
Plan, The Slow Fall CD-EP Majesty / EMI Svenska AB 2002 7243 5 50413 2 6
Planb Homemade CD-R 2006 CD01 Hugo van Ingen
Plastic Bertrand An 1 CD Hot Shot Records 1978 HSR 004
Plastic Mastery, The Before the Fall CD Twentyseven Records 2001 TR0002
Plumtree This Day Won't Last at All CD Endearing Records 2000 ndr018
Pluramon Dreams Top Rock CD Karaoke Kalk 2003 Karaoke Kalk cd 23
Pluramon The Monstrous Surplus CD Karaoke Kalk 2007 KaraokeKalkCD42
Pluxus Fas 2 CD Slowball 1999 Slowball 09
Pluxus Och resan fortsätter här CD Rocket Girl 2000 rgirl 28
Pluxus Agent Tangent E.P. CD-EP Pluxemburg / Rocket Girl 2002 CDBURG 1 / rgirl 35
Pluxus European Onion CD Pluxemburg / Rocket Girl 2002 cdplu2 / rgirl 36
Pluxus Solid State CD Kompakt 2008 KOMPAKT CD 65
Pogues, The Red Roses for Me CD WEA Records 1984 2292-44494-2
Pogues, The Rum Sodomy & The Lash CD WEA Records 1985 2292-44495-2
Polar Lies Set by the Polar Mob CD Frigid Music / Clairecords 1998 fm004 / fern005 500 copies
Polar A Future History of the Frigid Polar Night CD Frigid Music / Clairecords 1999 fm005 / fern006 500 copies
Poney Express Daisy Street CD Atmosphériques 2008 ATED007
Pontonius [82/89] CD-EP 2002
Ponys, The Laced with Romance CD In the Red Records 2003 ITR 109
Pop Tarts Woman is the Fuehrer of the World CD Bungalow Records 1998 BUNG 37
Pop, Iggy TV Eye CD Thousand Mile 1978 CDOVD 448 / 7243 8 39628 2 2 Live 1977
Pop, Iggy Lust for Life CD Virgin Records 1990 CDOVD 278 / 0777 7 86153 2 3
Popsicle Lacquer CD Telegram Records Stockholm 1992 4509-92211-2
Popsicle Abstinence CD Telegram Records Stockholm 1994 4509-95679-2
Poundsign Wavelength CD Fantastic Records 1998 fan 008
Poundsign Underneath the Marquee CD Fantastic Records 2000 fantastic 016
Prewitt, Archer Gerroa Songs CD-EP Carrot Top Records 2000 SAKI 026
Primal Scream Screamadelica CD Creation Records 1992 CRECD 076 / 471591 2
Primal Scream Kowalski CD-EP Creation Records 1997 664369 2
Primal Scream If They Move, Kill 'em CD-EP Creation Records 1998 665489 2
Primal Scream XTRMNTR CD Astralwerks 2000 asw49260-2
Primitives, The Lovely CD BMG 1988 8443-2-R
Projects, The Let's Get Static CD The Track & Field Organisation 2004 T&F-HEAT 22
Prototypes s/t CD Minty Fresh 2006 mf-65
Pulp His 'n' Hers CD Island Records 1992-1994 74321 19939 2
Qrella, Masha s/t CD Monika Enterprise 2002 monika 28
Quickspace The Death of Quickspace CD Matador Records 2000 OLE 433-2
Quintron & Miss Pussycat Swamp Tech / Electric Swamp CD Transsolar Records 2005 .032 & DVD
Rabbit in Red Tour E.P. 2001 CD-EP Bumblebears 2001
Rabbit in Red A must while so near CD Blackbean and Placenta
Rabbit in Red s/t CD Blackbean and Placenta
Radio 4 Enemies Like This 2006
Radio Dept., The Against the Tide V-EP 7'' Slottet 2002 SLOTTETep001
Radio Dept., The Annie Laurie CD-EP (CD-R) Slottet 2002 SLOTTETep002
Radio Dept., The Lesser Matters CD Labrador 2002 LAB035
Radio Dept., The Where the Damage Isn't already Done CD-EP Labrador 2002 LAB033
Radio Dept., The Pulling Our Weight CD-EP Labrador 2003 LAB058
Radio Dept., The This Past Week CD-EP Labrador 2005 LAB068
Radio Dept., The Pet Grief 2006
Radio Dept., The The Worst Taste In Music 2006
Radio Dept., The Freddie And The Trojan Horse CD-S Labrador 2008 LAB111
Radio Dept., The David CD Labrador 2009 LAB124
Raveonettes, The Attack of the Ghost Riders CD-S Columbia / Sony Music Entertainment 2002 COL 673399 2
Raveonettes, The Whip it on CD-EP Columbia / Sony Music Entertainment 2002 COL 510753 9
Raveonettes, The Chain Gang Of Love CD Sony Entertainment 2003 512378 2
Raveonettes, The Lust Lust Lust CD Vice Records 2008 VCA80002-2
Readymade The Dramatic Balanced by Readymade CD No Records 1997 NORE16
Readymade The Block Alone V-S 7'' Endearing Records 1998 NDR-013
Readymade On Point and Red CD Endearing Records 2001 ndr029
Readymade All the Plans Resting CD Where Are My Records 2005 wam018
Receptionists, The The Last Letter CD Ba Da Bing! 1994-1997 BING015
Reed, Lou Transformer CD RCA / BMG 1972 / 1998 74321 601812
Reeves, Martha & The Vandellas Gold 2 CDs Motown / Hip-O Records 2006 0602 49884 0993
Rekorder Stumpf, Emotional, Rockig, Authentisch CD-EP Christoph Döhne
Relaxed Muscle The Heavy EP 2002
Relict, The Off Church Street V-S 7'' Elefant Records 2001 ER-240
Remington Super 60 Pling 2001 CD S.H.A.D.O Records 2000 SUBO 13
Rheingold s/t CD EMI Music (Germany) 2005 7243 8 75936 2 6 remastered + bonus tracks
Rolling Stones, The Hot Rocks 1964-1971 CD 1993 ABKCO 844 475-2
Rumskib s/t CD Darla 2007 DRL164
Révolutionairre le Hydra l'amiral suisse e.p. CD EP Burnout Records 2000 BURN004
Revolutionary Hydra, The Ratcheting down the Melancholic Afterbeat; A Novel CD Elsinor Records 1999 ELS030
Revolutionary Hydra, The The Antiphony CD Elsinor Records 2000 ELS031
Ride Ride Nowhere CD Sire Records 1990 7599-26462-2
Risque de Choc Electrique s/t CD Sandra Kretschmer & Christoph Döhne 2000 2000#32
Risque de Choc Electrique Quiet Home EP / Video CD-EP Sandra Kretschmer & Christoph Döhne
Rocketship A Certain Smile, a Certain Sadness CD Slumberland 1995 slr 40
Rockmonster s/t CD Rabid Records 2000 Rabid 004
Rockmonster Interrupter CD EMI Svenska AB 2001 7243 5 31450 2 6
Rocky Dennis Maple Leaves CD-EP Service SERV009
Rolling Stones, The Hot Rocks 1964-1971 2 CDs Abkco Records 1986 844 475-2
Rolling Stones, The Beggars Banquet CD Abkco Records 1968 / 1986 844 471-2
Ropers, The Sunbathe V-S 7'' Slumberland Records 1992 slr 017 White vinyl
Ropers, The s/t CD Slumberland Records 1994 slr 38
Ropers, The Revolver V-S 7'' Slumberland Records slr 53
Ruin, Julie s/t CD Kill Rock Stars 1998 KRS297
Runrig Once in a Lifetime CD Chrysalis Records 1988 CDP32 1695 2
Runrig The Big Wheel CD Chrysalis Records 1991 CDP32 1858 2
Röyksopp Beautiful Day Without You 2006
Sagor & Swing Melodier och Fåglar CD Häpna Häpna H.8
Saint Etienne Too Young to Die (Singles 1990-1995) CD
Sambassadeur Between the Lines CD-EP Labrador 2005 LAB 069
Sambassadeur New Moon 2005
Sambassadeur s/t 2005
Sambassadeur Coastal Affairs 2006
Sambassadeur Migration CD Labrador 2007 LAB106
Sambassadeur European CD Labrador 2010 LAB126
Saturday Looks Good To Me Sound On Sound CD Redder Records 2005 RDR010
Saturday Looks Good to Me Every Night CD Polyvinyl Records 2004 PRC-073CD
Saturday People, The s/t CD Slumberland Records 2001 slr 67
Schnauss, Ulrich Far Away Trains Passing By 2 CDs Domino Recording 2001 dno045
Schnauss, Ulrich A Strangely Isolated Place CD Domino Recording 2003 DNO 032CD
Schnauss, Ulrich Goodbye CD Domino Recordings 2007 DNO 149
Schnauss, Ulrich Quicksand Memory EP CD-EP Domino 2007 DNO 148
Schnauss, Ulrich Stars EP CD-EP Domino 2008 DNO187
Sciflyer Fair Weather Karma CD Clairecords 2003 FERN 052
Scrabbel s/t CD Kittfridge Records 2002 KITT-010
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her Red Talk CD Arrivederci Baby! / Cherry Red Records CIAO002CD
Seamonster1 Reality Check Vijnaya Karigana V-EP 10'' Amphibient Broadcasting 1998 phase 1 400 copies, pink vinyl
Seamonster1 Tsunamin Audio Prism V-LP 12'' Amphibient Broadcasting 2000 phase 3 500 copies
Secret Goldfish, The Somewhere in the World E. P. CD-EP Creeping Bent 1999 bent 038cd
Secret Goldfish, The Somewhere in China V-S 7'' Elefant Records Pink vinyl
Secret Shine After Years CD Clairecords FERN 30
Secret Shine Elemental EP CD-EP Razorblade 2006 RAZORBLADE01
Seefeel Succour CD Warp Records 1995 Warp CD28
Seefeel Quique: Redux Edition 2 CDs Too Pure 2007 PURE 151 CDD
Shangri-Las, The Leader of the Pack CD Castle Pie / Castle Music 1999 PIESD 149
Shapiro, Sally Disco Romance CD Paper Bag Records 2007 PAPER029
Shermans, The In Technicolor CD Shelflife Records life 025
Shermans, The The Sound of Shermans V-EP 7'' Blackbean and Placenta
Shift A Folding Sieve CD ND 1994 NDEP02
Shout Out Louds Shut Your Eyes 2003
Shout Out Louds Very Loud CD-EP Bud Fox Recordings 2005 C2 7243 8 68377 2 1
Shout Out Louds Howl Howl Gaff Gaff CD Capitol Records 2005 CDP 7243 5 60139 2 6
Shout Out Louds Our Ill Wills CD Merge Records 2007 MRG310
Shout Out Louds Tonight I Have To Leave It CD-EP Merge Records 2007 MRG311
Shout Out Louds Work CD Bud Fox Recordings, Vertigo, Universal Music 2010 06025 2731791 5
Shout out Louds 100° EP CD-EP Bud Fox recordings 2003 BUD001
Sidecar Songs From Another Cupboard CD Bucketfly 2001 bp.01
Sigur Rós Ágætis byrjun CD FatCat 2001 7697422142
Sigur Rós ( ) CD MCA 2002 088 113 091-2
Sigur Rós Takk... CD Geffen 2005 B0005345-02
Sigur Rós Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust CD XL 2008 XLcd 364
Simple Minds Sparkle in the Rain CD Virgin Records 1984/2002 72438-13014-2-5
Singapore Sling The Curse of Singapore Sling CD Stinky Records 2003 STINK005
Singapore Sling Life Is Killing My Rock'n'Roll CD Stinky Records 2004 STINK10
Sister Vanilla Little Pop Rock CD Chemikal Underground 2007 Chem092CD
Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers, The The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers V-LP 12'' 555 Recordings 1998 555LP6
Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers, The Lunchdate EP V-EP 7'' 555 Recordings 1999 55522
Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers, The Ume Sour CD Darla Records 1998-2001 DRL-112
Sisters of Mercy, The First and Last and Always CD WEA Records 1985 240 616-2
Sisters of Mercy, The Some Girls Wander by Mistake CD Warner Music UK 1992 9031-76476-2
Slagsmålsklubben Den Svenske Disco CD Beat That! / Energy Records BEAT 23L
Slagsmålsklubben Sagan Om Konungens Årsinkomst
Sleater-Kinney The Hot Rock 1999
Sleater-Kinney All Hands on the Bad One CD Kill Rock Stars 2000 KRS 360
Slowdive Just For A Day CD Creation / SBK Records 1991 CDP-98074
Slowdive Souvlaki CD Creation / SBK Records 1994 0777 7 88263 2 3
Slumber Party Psychedelicate CD Kill Rock Stars 2001 KRS377
Slumber Party s/t CD Poptones 2001 mc5032cd
Slusher, Kelly s/t CD-EP Red Square 2001 RSQ 007
Slusher, Kelly Rocks and Tears CD Elefant Records 2002 ER-1092
Smiths, The Meat Is Murder CD Warner Music UK 1985 4509-91895-2
Smiths, The The Queen Is Dead CD Warner Music UK 1986 4509-91896-2
Smiths, The Strangeways, Here We Come CD Warner Music UK 1987 4509-91899-2
Smiths, The Best...I CD Warner Music UK 1992 4509-90327-2
Snowpony The Slow-Motion World of Snowpony CD Radioactive Records 1998 RARD-11828
Soda Stream Hotel Pacific CD Marsh-Marigold Records 2000 mari 17
Solex Low Kick and Hard Bop CD Matador Records 2001 OLE 499-2
Somnambulants, The Fabrication and Productivity CD Clairaudience Recordings / Simdisc 2000 simdisc 4 / claud 1
Sonic Youth ""Goo"" CD David Geffen Company / MCA 1990 GED 24297 / DGCD 24297
Sonic Youth Dirty CD David Geffen Company / BMG 1992 DGCD24485
Sounds, The Living in America CD-S Warner Music Sweden 2002 0927-48443-5
Sounds, The Dying To Say This To You CD New Line Records 2006 NLR39060
Sounds, The Crossing the Rubicon CD Original Signal 2009 OS-20
Sounds, The Weekend CD Arnioki Records 2013 ARN0005
Soup Dragons, The Hang-Ten! CD Wounded Bird Records 2005 WOU 5666
Soviac Trux R Heavy CD EP Gulagbolag No I 2000 DBW#976 (?)
Specials, The The Singles Collection 1991
Speedmarket Avenue I'm Going To Let My New Swiss Army Knife Answer To That 2004
Spiritualized Lazer Guided Melodies CD Dedicated 1992 DEDCD 004
Spiritualized Pure Phase CD Dedicated 1995 DEDCD 017
Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space BP CD Dedicated 1997 DEDCD 034 Tablet pack
Spiritualized Let It Come Down CD BMG 2001 OPM001CD / 7432 18822 42
Spiritualized Live@Portsmouth Pyramid 2001-10-07 / Later... With Jools Holland 2001-10-12 CD 2001
Spiritualized Live Royal Albert Hall October 10 1997 CD
Spring The Last Goodbye CD Elefant Records 1998 ER-1052
Springsteen, Bruce The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle CD Columbia Records 1973 COL 511254 2
Springsteen, Bruce Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. CD Columbia Records 1973 COL 511300 2
Springsteen, Bruce Born to Run CD Columbia Records 1975 COL 511301 2
Springsteen, Bruce Darkness on the Edge of Town CD Columbia Records 1978 COL 511255 2
Springsteen, Bruce The River 2 CDs Columbia Records 1980 COL 511302 2
Springsteen, Bruce Nebraska CD Columbia Records 1982 COL 511303 2
Springsteen, Bruce 18 Tracks CD Columbia 1999 CK 69476
Springsteen, Bruce & The E Street Band Live 1975-85 3 CDs Columbia Records 1986 450227 2
Stars Nightsongs CD Le Grand Magistery 2000 HRH-019
Stars Set Yourself on Fire CD City Slang 2006 SLANG1033798
Stars In Our Bedroom After the War CD City Slang 2007 SLANG1048682
Stella Luna Stargazer CD-EP Clairecords 2002 FERN 019
Stereo Total s/t CD Bobsled Records 1998 Bob-3
Stereolab Switched On CD Slumberland Records 1992 SLUMBERLAND 22
Stereolab Peng! CD Too Pure 1992 PURE CD 11
Stereolab Low Fi CD-EP Too Pure 1992 PURE CD 14
Stereolab Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements CD Elektra / Warner / WEA 1993 9 61536-2
Stereolab Refried Ectoplasm [Switched On Volume 2]] CD DC82CD
Stereolab Aluminum Tunes 2 CDs Drag City / Elektra 1997 DC159CD
Stereolab Oscillons From The Anti-Sun 3 CDs Too Pure 2005 Pure 160CD
Steward Adore Me CD-EP Worston Records 1996 wrcds02
Steward Goodbye to Everything You Love CD Darla Records 1999 DRL-087
Stills, The Logic Will Break Your Heart CD Vice Recordings 2003 Vice 83674-2
Stone Roses, The s/t CD Silverstone Records, BMG 1989 1184-2-JX US version
Stone Roses, The Turns Into Stone CD Silverstone Records 1992 ORE CD 521
Stooges, The s/t CD Elektra / Asylum Records 1967 / 1987 7559-60667-2
Stooges, The Fun House CD Elektra / Asylum Records 1970 7559-60669-2
Stratford 4, The The Revolt against Tired Noises CD Jetset Records 2001 TWA42CD
Strip Music Hollywood & Wolfman CD Playground Music Scandinavia 2006 PGMCD34
Strokes, The Is This It CD RCA / BMG 2001 RCA 07863 68045 2
Strokes, The Last Nite CD-S BMG Entertainment 2001 7432 1 89241 2 5
Strokes, The Hard to Explain CD-EP Rough Trade Records RTRADE-SCD023
Strokes, The The Modern Age CD-EP Rough Trade Records RTRADE-SCD010
Strollers, The Captain of my Ship CD Low Impact Records 2000 LIR 010-2
Stureson, Ulf I Overkligheten CD Silence Records 2000 SRSCD 4732
Stureson, Ulf s/t CD Silence Records 2000 SRSCD 4746
Styrofoam Nothing's Lost CD Morr Music 2004 MM049CD
Subsonics A Lot to Forget CD Rock & Roll Inc. 2002 R&R INC 017
Summer in Between, The s/t CD Kittfridge Records 2000 KITT-007
Sundays, The Reading, Writing and Arithmetic CD DGC 1990 9 24277-2
Super Furry Animals Golden Retriever
Supremes, The Gold 2 CDs Motown / Universal 2005 0602498812655
Sweet William World of Books CD Shelflife Records 1998 life 012
Taken by Trees Open Field CD Rough Trade Records 2007 RTRADCD403
Talulah Gosh Backwash CD K 1986-1988 KLP 44
Tape Rideau 2005
Tears For Fears The Hurting CD Mercury 1999 558 104-2 remastered + bonus tracks
Tears Run Rings Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never CD Clairecord 2008 FERN073
Teddybears Stockholm Rock'n'Roll Highschool CD MVG Records 2000 MVG 142
Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair Words of Wisdom and Hope CD Geographic 2002 GEOG14CD
Telescopes, The High'r and High'r CD Creation Records / Shock 1992 SHOCK CD1010
Telstar Ponies In the Space of a Few Minutes CD Fire Records 1995 firecd052
Test Icicles Circle.Square.Triangle 2005
Test Icicles What's Your Damage? CD-S 2006 Promo
Testbild! The Double Life of Testbild! CD Radio Khartoum 2002 KHZ 102
Tiersen, Yann Rue Des Cascades CD Labels 1998 7243 8 45403 2 6
Tiger Lou The Loyal CD Startracks 2005 STAR 12997-2
Ting Tings, The We Started Nothing CD Columbia 2008 88697 28925 2
Tizzy Scary in Adulthood CD Papercut Records 1999 PCT-008
To Rococo Rot The Amateur View CD City Slang 1999 7243 8473492 3
Tough Alliance, The The New School CD Service 2005 SERV019
Toulouse The Way the City Stretches V-LP Élégante / Won't Go Flat Records 1996 G$005
Toulouse The Way the City Stretches CD Élégante / Won't Go Flat Records 1996 G$005
Toulouse New Points New Lines CD Grimsey Records 2001 Grimsey 023
Track Star Lion Destroyed The Whole World CD Better Looking Records BLR 011
Tralala s/t 2005
Transistor Six Post Office Tower EP V-EP 7'' Elefant Records 1999 ER-216 Milky vinyl
Transistor Six s/t V-LP 12'' Blackbean and Placenta One sided only
Trio s/t CD Phogram 1983 814 822-2IQI
Tullycraft Old Traditions, New Standards CD Darla Records 1996 DRL 101
Tullycraft City of Subarus CD Cher Doll Records / Darla Records 1998 cher 011/drl 55
Tullycraft Beat Surf Fun CD Magic Marker Records 2002 mmr020
Tullycraft Disenchanted Hearts Unite CD Little Teddy Recordings 2005 BiTe048CD
Tullycraft Every Scene Needs a Center CD Magic Marker Records 2007 MMR-042
Tuxedomoon Solve Et Coagula 1993
Tyskarna från Lund Metamorphobia CD Subspace Communication 2003 CDCOM 15
Uhlmann, Thees s/t CD Grand Hotel van Cleef 2011 063
Undertones, The s/t CD Sanctuary Midline 2004 SMRCD023
V/A Just Say Anything (Vol. V Just Say Yes) CD Sire Records 1991 9 26623-2
V/A International Pop Underground Convention CD K 1992 KLP 11 Recorded live in the capitol theatre, Olympia, WA
V/A Lush / Jesus and Mary Chain, The: Lollapalooza '92 CD Kiss The Stone 1992 KTS114
V/A Music From the Motion Picture Pulp Fiction CD MCA Records 1994 MCD 11103
V/A The Patron Saints of Teenage CD Creation Records / Tristar Music 1994 WK 57562
V/A The Patron Saints of Teenage CD Creation Records 1994 CRENME 001 Different!
V/A Harakiri No. 4 Compilation CD Harakiri Magazin 1995
V/A Television Personalities / Bartlebees, The: The Happening V-S 7'' Little Teddy Recordings 1995 LiTe 739
V/A Popnation-Best of Blekingska Nationen 1994-1996 CD Beat that! Records 1996 BEAT 013
V/A First Floor Power / Bent Spanner, Arty Banner V-EP 7'' Smålands Nation / Che Recordings 1998
V/A Sounds from Psychedelphia CD Rocket Girl 1998 rgirl 10
V/A Delicious Evenings at Softore CD Delicious Goldfish Records 1998-2002 DGR004
V/A 19 Ways to Get Back Home CD Jetboy Recordings 1999 JR 002
V/A Benno Presents Vol. 2 V-EP 7'' Benno 1999
V/A Blackbean and Placenta, Summer Sampler 1999 CD Blackbean and Placenta 1999
V/A Little Darla Has a Taste for You, v. 1 V-EP 7'' Darla Records 1999 DRL-092
V/A Little Darla Has a Treat for You, v. 12, Summer 1999 CD Darla Records 1999 DRL-090
V/A Little Darla Has a Treat for You, v. 13, Fall 1999 CD Darla Records 1999 DRL-099
V/A The Sound Of Young Sweden CD Summersound Recordings 1999 SUMMER 002
V/A Aislers Set, The / How, The V-S 7'' Slumberland Records / 555 Recordings 2000 slr 75 / 55530 Blue vinyl
V/A Amazing Grace Sampler CD Grace Recordings 2000 GRACE 02
V/A Beikoku-Ongaku No. 16, Fall 2000 CD Beikoku-Ongaku 2000 BDBO-E0016
V/A Benno Presents Vol. 4-An Unfinished Retropective CD Benno 2000
V/A Blackbean and Placenta CD Compilation Number 4, Autumn 2000 CD Blackbean and Placenta 2000
V/A Darla 100, 1994-2000 4 CDs Darla Records 2000 DRL-100
V/A Harpsiehord 2000 CD S.H.A.D.O Records 2000 SUBO 11CD
V/A Hurmångabollarsomhelst, Rasslebygd, Emmaboda 10-12 aug 00 CD Absurd Records 2000 Absurd 9
V/A Kindercore Fifty: We Thank You CD KIndercore 2000 KC050
V/A Little Darla Has a Treat for You, v. 14, Winter 2000 CD Darla Records 2000 DRL-104
V/A Little Darla Has a Treat for You, v. 15, Indian Summer 2000 CD Darla Records 2000 DRL-107
V/A Several Bands Galore Volume Two CD Clairecords 2000 fern 015
V/A You Make Me Smile CD Shelflife Records 2000 LIFE 010
V/A A Boy, A Girl and a Rendez-vous CD Red Roses for Me 2001 rrfmcd01
V/A A Rocketgirl Compilation 2 CDs Rocket Girl 2001 rgirl 26
V/A Benno Presents Vol. 6-Panorama CD Benno 2001
V/A Blåser mellan öronen, Rasslebygd, Emmaboda 9-11 aug 01 CD Absurd Records 2001 Absurd 10
V/A Do You Think That I'll Be Different When You're Through? CD Hausmusik 2001 hm 054
V/A Little Darla Has a Treat for You, v. 16, Spring 2001 CD Darla Records 2001 DRL-110
V/A Little Darla Has a Treat for You, v. 17, Summer 2001 CD Darla Records 2001 DRL-117
V/A Make It Happen: All Songs Are Sad Songs CD Make It Happen 2001 MKTH 11
V/A Picnic Basket (A Shelflife International Pop Compilation) CD Shelflife Records 2001 life 020
V/A Sonically Speaking (Vol 3: Juni 2001) CD Sonic 2001 SONIC 003
V/A Sonically Speaking (Vol 4: Oktober 2001) CD Sonic 2001 SONIC 004
V/A Sonically Speaking (Vol 5: December 2001) CD Sonic 2001 SONIC 005
V/A The Matineé Spring Collection CD Matineé Recordings 2001 matineé 026
V/A The Sound of Young Sweden, Volume 2 CD Summersound Recordings 2001 summer 04
V/A Beikoku-Ongaku No. 17, Winter 2001 CD Beikoku-Ongaku 2001 BDBO-E0017
V/A All's Fair in Love and Chickfactor: cf mixtape1 CD Enchanté Records 2002 enchanté 005
V/A Kinski / Paik / Surface of Eceyon: Crickets and Fireflies CD-EP The Music Fellowship 2002 mf 011
V/A Little Darla Has a Treat for You, v. 18, Winter 2002 CD Darla Records 2002 DRL-120
V/A Sonically Speaking (Vol 6: April 2002) CD Sonic 2002 SONIC 006
V/A Sonically Speaking (Vol 7: June 2002) CD Sonic 2002 SONIC 007
V/A Sonically Speaking (Vol 8: October 2002) CD Sonic 2002 SONIC 008
V/A Ten Years of Noise Pop 1993-2002 2 CDs Amazing Grease Records 2002 ag-14
V/A Test Tones Volume 1.1 CD Clairecords 2002 FERN 035
V/A Little Darla Has a Treat for You, v. 19, Fall 2002 CD Darla Records 2002 DRL-125
V/A Le Pop: Die Chansons der nouvelle Scène française CD Melting Pot Music 2002 MPMCD02
V/A Friendly People Making Noise CD Friendly Noise 2003 FYN01
V/A Lost in Translation CD Emperor Norton Records 2003 EMN7068-2
V/A Mjuk i mössan, Rasslebygd, Emmaboda 7-9 aug 2003 CD Absurd Records 2003 Absurd 14
V/A Sonically Speaking (Vol 10: February 2003) CD Sonic 2003 SONIC 010
V/A Le pop 2: Chansons de la nouvelle scène française CD Le Pop 2003 LPM 02-2
V/A Domino 2004 CD Sabam 2004
V/A Sonically Speaking (Vol 20: December 2004) CD Sonic 2004 SONIC 020
V/A Electro Group / Rocking Horse Winner V-EP 7'' Slide the Needle 2000 / 2001 stnr-001
V/A All Girl Summer Fun Band / Photo Jenny: Slumber Party E. P. V-EP 7'' Lil' Wagon Recordings lrw 08
V/A Mitten ins Ohr CD Ohr OHR 69003-2
V/A Moshi Moshi - Pop International Style 2 CDs March Records mar 050
V/A Pluxus vs Fridge vs Pluxus CD BT/Space
V/A Radio Khartoum Presents: The Flight of Everson K CD Single/EP Radio Khartoum khz 198
V/A Seven Winters CD G.A.C / Seven Winters GACD-7 / SW-1
V/A Solutions & Remedies CD Clairecords fern 2
V/A Spare Snare / Coastal Café V-EP 7'' Lissy's LISS 24
V/A Le pop en duo: Les chansons de la nouvelle scène française CD Le Pop 2004 LPM 04-2
V/A Notes From Claire CD Clairecords 2005 fern 50
V/A Le pop 3: Les chansons de la nouvelle scène française CD Le Pop 2005 LPM 05-2
V/A Sonically Speaking #29 2006
V/A Sonically Speaking (Vol 31: October 2006) CD 2006
V/A The Kids at the Club CD How Does It Feel to Be Loved? 2006 HDIF001
V/A Four Songs by Arthur Russell CD-EP Rough Trade Records 2007 RTRADSCD408
V/A Le pop 4: Les chansons de la nouvelle scène française CD Le Pop 2007 LPM 12-2
Vega For Retarded Lovers CD A West Side Fabrication 2001 WeCD 193
Velocity Girl Crazy Town CD-S Subpop 1992 SPCD 61 / 228
Velocity Girl Copacetic CD Subpop 1993 SP196b
Velocity Girl ¡Simpatico! CD Subpop 1994 SP 247b
Velocity Girl Sorry Again CD-EP Subpop 1994 SP 257b
Velocity Girl 6 Song Compilation CD-EP Slumberland Records slr 23
Velvet Underground, The White Light/White Hight CD Polydor Records 1996 531 251 2
Velvet Underground, The & Nico s/t CD Polygram Records / Polydor 1967 / 1996 531 250 2
View, The Hats Off To The Buskers CD 1965 Records 2007 OLIVECD018
Violent Femmes s/t CD Slash Records 1983 / 1991 828 035-2
Violent Femmes Why Do Birds Sing? CD Slash Records 1991 828 239-2
Vive la fête Attaque Surprise CD Surprise 2000 Surprise 001
Vive la fête Republique Populaire CD Surprise 2001 SURPRISE 003
Vive la fête Touche Pas CD-EP Surprise 2003 SURPRISE 011
Vive la fête Nuit Blanche CD Surprise 2003 Surprise 010
Vivian Girls s/t CD In the Red 2008 ITR 161
Von Bondies, The Lack of Communication CD Sweet Nothing 2001 SNCD015
VUE Find Your Home CD Subpop 2001 SPCD 551
Waltz For Debbie He Loves Anna CD-S Labrador 1999 LAB006
Wannadies, The Aquanautic CD Snap Records 1992 SNAP 5
Wannadies, The Bagsy Me CD RCA / BMG 1997 74321 45293 2
Watling, Laura What's Your Fauvorite Color? V-EP 7'' Shelflife Records 2000 life 014
Watling, Laura Early Morning Walk CD Shelflife Records 2001 life 033
Watling, Laura Twenty-Five CD Sofa Records 2001 srs 002
Wechsel Garland Liberation von History CD Karaoke Kalk 2002 cd 12
Wedding Present, The George Best CD Reception Records 1987 LEEDS 1 CD
Wedding Present, The Tommy CD Reception Records 1988 LEEDS 2 CD
Wedding Present, The Bizarro CD RCA / BMG 1989 PD74302
Wedding Present, The Seamonsters CD RCA / BMG 1991 PD75012
Wedding Present, The Hit Parade 1 CD RCA / BMG 1992 PD75343
Wedding Present, The Hit Parade 2 CD BMG 1992 74321 12400 2
Whirlaway A Sound Stream Broadcast CD-EP Spy-fi Records 1999 SPY401-1
Whirlaway Letting Go CD Whirlawaymusic 2001 wmcd03
White Stripes, The s/t CD Sympathy for the Record Industry 1999 SFTRI 577
White Stripes, The De Stijl CD XL Recordings / Third Man Records 2001 XLCD 150
White Stripes, The White Blood Cells CD Sympathy for the Record Industry 2001 SFTRI 660
White Stripes, The Elephant CD XL Recordings / Third Man Records 2003 XLCD 162
Who, The The Kids Are Alright CD MCA Records 1979 MCAD-6899 Soundtrack
Whyte Seeds Slow Motions CD-EP Stockholm Records 2003 019 570-2
Whyte Seeds Memories of Enemies CD Stockholm Records 2003 038 305-2
Wildbirds & Peacedrums Heartcore CD Leaf 2008 BAY 61CD
William Tired of Fucking CD-EP Creation Records 1998 SCR 665746 2 William Reid
Wir Sind Helden Die Reklamation CD EMI 2003 59 0869 0
Wir sind Helden Von hier an blind CD Reklamation Records 2005 860853 0
Wir sind Helden Soundso CD Reklamation Records 2007 3924612
Witt, Joachim Silberblick CD WEA 1990 9031-72703-2
Wolfie Wolfie, and the Coat and Hat CD Kindercore Records & Emperor Norton Records 2000 KC041
XTC Drums and Wires 1979
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Bang CD-EP Wichita Recordings 2002 webb029
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever to Tell CD Dress Up / Polydor Records 2003 076 135-2
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Your Bones CD Interscope Records 2006 B0006337-02
Yeah Yeah Yeahs It's Blitz! CD Interscope 2009 B0012823-02
Yebo Eastern Standard Time CD Pork Pie 1993 EFA 04098-2
Yelle Pop-Up CD Caroline Records 2008 CAR 15924
Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss CD Big Scary Monsters / Burnt Toast Vinyl 2006 BSM 039 / btv078
Yo La Tengo Electr-o-Pura CD City Slang / Matador Records 1995 8404662
Yo La Tengo I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One CD Matador Records 1997 OLE 222-2
Yo La Tengo The Sounds of the Sounds of Science CD Egon 2002 Egon 07
Yo La Tengo Summer Sun CD Matador Records 2003 Ole 548-2
Yo La Tengo Today Is the Day CD Matador Records 2003 Ole 581-2
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Zea Insert Parallel Universe CD Transformed Dreams 2006 DREAM 33