Triple-Quantum Dynamics in Multiple-Spin Systems undergoing Magic-Angle Spinning. Application to 13C Homonuclear Correlation Spectroscopy,

M. Edén, and A. Brinkmann,
J. Magn. Reson. 173, 259-279, (2005).
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We analyze the multiple-quantum dynamics governed by a new homonuclear recoupling strategy effecting an average dipolar Hamiltonian comprising three-spin triple-quantum operators (e.g., Sp+Sq+Sr+ under magic-angle spinning conditions. Analytical expressions are presented for polarization transfer processes in systems of three and four coupled spins-1/2 subject to triple-quantum filtration (3QF), and high-order multiple-quantum excitation is investigated numerically in moderately large clusters, comprising up to seven spins. This recoupling approach gives highly efficient excitation of triple-quantum coherences: ideally, up to 67 % of the initial polarization may be recovered by 3QF in three-spin systems in polycrystalline powders. Two homonuclear 2D correlation strategies are demonstrated experimentally on powders of uniformly 13C-labeled alanine and tyrosine: the first correlates the single-quantum spectrum in the first dimension with the corresponding 3QF spectrum along the other. The second protocol correlates triple-quantum coherences with their corresponding single-quantum coherences within triplets of coupled spins.