Mathematica Package for Evaluating C and R Sequences

The following link takes you to the Mathematica package, written by Malcolm H. Levitt and Andreas Brinkmann, which allows you to evaluate first and second order selection rules for CNnν and RNnν sequences. In addition this package allows to calculate the first and second order scaling factors for arbitrary pulse sequence elements according to the procedure described in (Brinkmann & Levitt, 2001) and (Brinkmann & Edén, 2004).

C and R symmetries

SIMPSON Patch to Allow Propagation by a Matrix

Below you can find a patch for the SIMPSON source file pulse.c that adds the additional Tcl command prop_by_matrix to SIMPSON. It allows to propagate the density operator by a SIMPSON matrix that has been stored in one of the matrix slots:

proc pulseq {} {
   matrix set 1 list { ... }
   prop_by_matrix 1

A more detailed example SIMPSON input file is given below. It implements an ideal central-transition selective pulse for a 5/2 nucleus. The patch is written for SIMPSON 1.1.1 and you need to recompile SIMPSON after applying the patch. To install the patch on Unix-like systems do the following:

> mv prop_by_matrix-1.1.1.patch simpson-1.1.1/simpson
> cd simpson-1.1.1/simpson
> patch -p0 < prop_by_matrix-1.1.1.patch
> cd ..
> ./configure [YOUR OPTIONS]
> make prop_by_matrix-1.1.1.patch

CGI Script for a Web-Based Sample Database

The following cgi-script allows the implementation of a simple web-based database for samples used in a lab. The script has to be placed onto your web-server into a directory, which is recognized for containing cgi-scripts. The web server needs to have perl installed and a copy of the library.

samples.cgi Demonstration

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